Weddings in Destin Florida On The Beach

We Offer The Best Weddings In Destin Florida On The Beach!

It may sound like a bold statement to some. However, we believe that we offer the best weddings in Destin Florida on the beach! 

Yes, there are other providers of Destin Beach Weddings, and we are not the only wedding company providing these services. But, we are the best for a few reasons.

Weddings in Destin Florida On The Beach

We Offer The Most Affordable Beach Weddings In Terms Of Pricing

You will have a hard time finding another Destin Beach Wedding Company providing the same prices we offer.

We know that, because our customers keep telling us the same thing every time they book their Destin beach wedding with us.

On average, we save our clients 20-30%. This can be a huge difference when booking a Florida destination wedding!

Don’t believe us? 

Just do a quick Google search and you will see it for yourself! 

Our Customer Service Extends Beyond Email For Those Having Florida Beach Weddings With Us

When planning weddings in Destin Florida on the beach, you need more than just email communication. Unfortunately, that is all you will get with some, but not us!

We offer several channels of communication for those couples getting married on the beach in Destin. Email, Phone, Video Conferencing, Live Chat Support and Text, it’s all there for you.

We Offer A Turnkey Beach Wedding Ceremony That Includes The Destin Florida Marriage License

Not only do our Destin Beach Wedding Packages offer the setup, decorations, photography and the officiant services, but all except one includes the Florida Marriage License.

This is huge in terms of customer service! 


Because, working with us, you never have need to go to the courthouse. We handle that for you! 

One thing is certain, you will not find that offer from our Destin beach wedding competitors!

We Have Over 100+ 5-Star Reviews!

A company can say anything they want to say about themselves. Yet, the true voice of the company are the people they serve.

Our reviews prove we are reliable, trustworthy, and able to provide an amazing experience for your Destin beach wedding!

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