Sunrise Beach Wedding

Have A Beautiful Sunrise Beach Wedding in Florida

A Sunrise Beach Wedding in Florida

Waking up early is hard enough, especially if you need to get out of bed and get ready for a 6am wedding. However, for those couples who are willing to make the sacrifice, it’s well worth the experience to have a Sunrise Beach Wedding.

There’s several reasons why a sunrise beach wedding is a wonderful marriage experience, however we’ve discovered three reasons that seem to be unbeatable.

First, A Morning Beach Wedding Is A More Private Affair

It’s impossible to offer a private beach wedding in Florida, unless you own beachfront property. And even then, there’s no guarantee a few people will not be walking the beach line (which many people do).

Consequently, most couples desiring to have a beach wedding in Florida will be traveling from other states. Which, more than likely means, they are not the owners of any Florida beachfront property. Therefore, they will need us to host the wedding on the beach at one of the public locations we service.

The public beach locations we use throughout Florida are way less crowded first thing in the morning. In fact, we conclude possible 10 to 1 in the foot traffic department.

Thus, unlike the later hours of the day, the foot traffic on a public beach is a lot lighter for a sunrise wedding. In fact, we’ve hosted weddings on beaches like Jacksonville, Cocoa, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Panama City, Destin, Fort Walton and other Florida beaches that are typically highly populated and had very few people around. 

Second, The Photo’s Taken For A Sunrise Beach Wedding Are Amazing

We plan hundreds of beach weddings in Florida every year. Most of those weddings take place around the sunset hour. Mainly, because brides, and grooms alike, love the sunset beach wedding photography we produce. Which, we must say, is phenomenal. However, as equally beautiful are the sunrise wedding photos.

A sunrise wedding on the beach is kind of like the sunset, but in reverse order (hope that makes sense). Whereas the sunset photography is taken after the sunset weddings, the bulk of the sunrise pictures will be taken as the ceremony is taken place. However, there’s plenty of time to take more after, as the sun will still be in perfect position for the background.

Believe it or not, if you compare a sunset picture to a sunrise wedding picture, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Third, There Is More Time To Celebrate Getting Married At Sunrise

Yes, this reason might be for the partiers, however it is something to consider. Getting married is a huge milestone in life, one that typically requires some celebration afterwards.

Most weddings that take place during the mid-afternoon to mid-evening hours will have about 3-4 hours of wedding celebration. However, for those couples and their families who celebrate after a sunrise beach wedding, there is about 7-8 hours of celebration time! 

It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure this one out: There is more party hours after a having a beach wedding at sunrise!

So, You Have Some Compelling Reasons To Get Married At Sunrise… Now What?

If you are one of the many couples wanting to opt in for a sunrise beach wedding in Florida, then you will need to have some general information to help the process along. Mainly, a good idea of how to plan things on your end in order to make things smoother.

After all, you will be waking up long before the sun rises, so help is a good thing!

We have put together some information below that should help ease the stress of an early morning beach wedding.

Follow This Sunrise Wedding Timeline to Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Believe it or not, having a plan is the best stress reducer possible for a life event. A sunrise beach wedding will certainly fall into the “life event” category. Therefore, proper planning is required.

Most sunrise weddings will start between 6-6:30am. So, the following timeline is based off a 6:30am wedding start time. As a result, you may need to adjust your sunrise wedding timeline to accommodate the start of your wedding ceremony.

4am – Wedding Setup Crew Arrives

The Florida Wedding Professionals Setup & Coordination Crew will arrive to begin setting up of the wedding site. During this time, the arches, chairs, decorations, or whatever else is included with your beach wedding package will be organized.

5:30am – Vendors Begin Setting up for the Sunrise Beach Wedding

The wedding vendors will arrive to prepare for the wedding. Those wedding vendors may include the photographer, videographer, live musician or whatever vendor your Wedding Service Agreement lists.

6am – Guests Begin to Arrive for the Morning Wedding Ceremony

Guests will begin to make their way to the beach location and setup area to find their seats (if chairs are included in your wedding package) for the morning wedding ceremony.

6am – Groom, Best-Man & Groomsmen Arrive

We like to have the groom and groomsmen arrive separate for a beach wedding ceremony. Because, we try to save the first look for the brides entrance. Therefore, arriving at 5:30am, will allow us to provide standing instructions, as well as other details about the sunrise beach wedding.

6:15am – Bride, Maid of Honor, Flower-Girl, Ring-Bearer & Bridesmaids Arrive

This is the time for us to discuss important details, standing orders, processional lineup, etc., with the brides wedding party.

6:30am – The Morning Wedding Ceremony Begins (Right at Sunrise)

Time for the magic to happen.

The Main Thing To Keep In Mind During A Sunrise Wedding On The Beach

Although, like any other wedding ceremony start time, there will be some stressors for an early morning beach wedding, keep in mind the main purpose. To have fun getting married on the beach!

Sure, things might happen that cause the wedding timeline to deviate a little, but all in all the wedding will be beautiful if you allow yourself to have fun in the experience of the moment.

Stop, take a deep breath, take in the sight of the sun rising over the waters, and say “I do!”

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