Amazing St Pete Beach Wedding Packages For Your Special Day! 

We have all the answers for your special day. Those answers are in the St Pete Beach Wedding Packages we provide!

That’s right, we can elevate a lot of stress from your plans of having a wedding on the beach.

The Florida beach weddings we provide are all inclusive for the ceremony portion of your day. Thus, you will have a setup on the beach with decorations. A professional beach wedding officiant, and photographer. Plus, we coordinate the wedding event, and more! 

This is great for you, because it provides you an option to just show up at the beach and have a wedding.

No work on your end, just relax and enjoy your beach wedding in St Petersburg, FL! 

We Make Your Beach Wedding in St Petersburg, FL Affordable

It’s not enough to provide a stress free beach wedding. It requires affordability, too!

Well, we put the “affordable” in all St Pete Beach Wedding Packages!

In fact, we encourage you to compare us to other companies providing similar services. You will soon discover we provide the most affordable beach weddings in Florida

St Pete Beach Wedding Packages

We Plan All Size Weddings on The Beach

The size of your wedding plans is not an issue for us! In fact, if it’s just the two of you, that will be fine. We have awesome Florida Beach Elopement Packages.

However, if you decide to bring 100 of your family and friends to join, then that’s okay, too!

The main focus on our end is to provide you an awesome and fun beach wedding experience. Therefore, if it will just be the two of you eloping to St Pete Beach, or you will be bringing a host of people, we have a package for you!

Top Beach Wedding Venues on St Pete Beach

Here are a few of our favorite locations to have a wedding on the beach in the area. They are suggestions on the basis of experience. However, if you have a different location in mind, that’s fine too! We can still provide the service there.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for people planning their wedding to request that we setup the wedding package at the hotel, resort or rental home in which they are staying. Just check with them first to ensure we have the thumbs up!

22nd Avenue

2188 Gulf Way St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

2nd Avenue

200 Gulf Way, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

51st Avenue West

Best St Pete Beach Wedding Location

67th Access Point, Beach Plaza

St Pete Beach Wedding Venues

Hotels & Resorts To Stay At In St Pete Beach

We do not provide any accommodations for your stay. However, we do have some really great recommendations for you!

The places we recommend are on the basis of client feedback. Thus, we feel confident enough to suggest them for your stay as well.

As a side note, remember to ask for a group rate when planning a beach wedding with several attendees. Almost every resort or hotel will accommodate that request. All it takes is asking! 

  1. Sirata Beach Resort
  2. The Don Cesar
  3. The Hotel Zamora
  4. The Grand Plaza

St Pete Beach Wedding Reception Venues

None of our St Petersburg wedding packages offer receptions. Mainly, because the average client we work with will have around 20-30 people attend their wedding. This is well within the average of a Florida destination wedding. Thus, a reception can become costly.

We have a great suggestion! 

We suggest a restaurant dinner following the wedding! This is a great option, and will save you money and stress.

Don’t forget to ask about private or room dinning options. Many times this is available! 

  1. Silas Steakhouse
  2. Hurricane’s 
  3. Carino’s

St Pete Beach Wedding Permit

Your wedding on the beach will require a beach wedding permit. The cost for that is $250.00. This is an additional cost, as none of our St Pete Beach Wedding Packages have the permit included.

St Petersburg / Pinellas County Marriage License 

We make this easy. Bypass the requirement of going to the court and applying for your Florida Marriage License with us! 

If you book a wedding package that includes the Florida Marriage License then you will have less stress. However, if you book a wedding package that doesn’t have it, we can add it in at an additional cost. 

So, either way, you’re good. Unless, you want to go hang out at the courthouse for a while?

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