Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola FL

Have a Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola FL, and Never Look Back! 


Sure, you could get married in a church, or at a golf course. Maybe even a hotel or resort. But, will that be fun and exciting?

Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola FL

Ok, maybe that’s not a fair question, because I’m sure there are some fun elements to those type of weddings. Just not a many fun elements as a small beach wedding in Pensacola, FL!

Here’s why…

Pensacola Beach Weddings are fun because they are different. They happen on the beach, and who doesn’t like the beach? 

Well, no one who is normal dislikes the beach. At least, that’s how we see it.

Anyway, there are some benefits to planning a small beach wedding. Like, for example, the stress level is way different. The cost is more affordable. You get to have a wedding while digging your toes in the sand. And, best of all, you can dive right into the ocean and trash the dress if you wish! 

There’s Less Stress Involved When Getting Married in Pensacola Beach FL

We make it that way.


By packaging everything you need for a beach wedding ceremony. This is key to reliving the stress from your life when planning a beach wedding in Florida.

No need to worry about hiring multiple vendors for your destination wedding. You hire us, and we take care of dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s.” You just set back and relax while we take care of officiating the wedding, providing the awesome photography services, setting up the wedding and decorating. Oh, and taking care of your Florida Marriage License, too!

All of these things are fit into one package price. In fact, the most affordable Pensacola Beach wedding packages in the area!

The Cost of A Pensacola Beach Wedding is Affordable

The cost of a small beach wedding in Pensacola FL is so affordable, you can probably find the money in one of your kids piggy banks!

Ok, maybe the cost isn’t that cheap, but when you compare it to the average cost of a wedding, you can see the difference.

As an example, our Pensacola elopement packages include the Heart in the Sand Package and the Intimate Bliss Package.

Either of these packages have you spending less than 2k for a wedding on the beach in Pensacola.

You Will Live Longer When Getting Married on the Beach

Ok, so maybe that statement isn’t completely true. However, it is a proven fact that people who love to go to the beach tend to live longer and more happy lives. 

Hey, and who knows, maybe the marriage even lasts longer!

Why not test the theory? Get married on the beach with us!

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