She Can’t Say I Do, Without You!

She Can’t Say I Do, Without You

Bridesmaid Information Post

Congrats, you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid…Now what? Here are a few things to consider after you’ve agreed.

Whether you have known the bride 2 days, 6 months or for a lifetime, there is one thing you all have in common…She has chosen YOU to stand by her side!  She has decided she can’t make it through the biggest day of her life without having you there to show your love and support.

Buy your dress-without complaining about it

Alright ladies, we all know when it comes to being a bridesmaid in a wedding, there are always going to be costs associated with saying yes!  The number one big ticket item will usually be your bridesmaid dress.  There are some occasions where the bride will offer to cover the cost of the dress, however this is NOT a very common occurrence.  So the best advice to share and the first step you should take in the dress hunt, is going to be start your “Bridesmaids Fund”!


Whether your bride has a specific style in mind or just a color choice, the chances of you getting that dress for under $100 is pretty slim, so start saving NOW!  

Furthermore, Not only will you need a dress for this occasion, you will need new shoes and jewelry, not to mention having your hair and makeup done the day of the wedding and of course there’s always the mani/pedi girls day!

Show up to the wedding…and be ready to shake your groove thing too!

You can’t take a sick day on her wedding day! You have been asked to keep her calm, hold her dress, smile for all the pictures and anything and everything you can imagine in between.  

Bridesmaid DancingThere will only be two excusable reasons for a bridesmaid to miss out on this day, the first being a death in her immediate family (this everyone will understand and sympathize with) and the second would be that you, yourself, have gone into labor!  So if you don’t fall under either of those, we will see you looking fabulous for the occasion, dancing shoes and all!  

When it comes down to the reception, you better believe this is a mandatory dance party!  You will hear songs from all genres and decades, and the best part is-EVERYONE will be on the dance floor partying like it’s 1999 (Do you remember that far back??) This is the time to let loose and make those memories that will last a lifetime!

Step up before you all get to step out…help with all of the planning, decorating and of course the ENJOYING!

Tradition tells us that this is usually the job of the Maid or Matron of Honor, however, times are changing and we are finding that this is becoming a “group effort” both for wedding planning reasons and financial reasons.  

Have a girls planning weekend, you can use this time to get your creative juices flowing!  Plan and execute your ideas for the bridal shower, as well as discuss all of the ins and outs of the bachelorette party.  Plan this accordingly, remember not everyone can afford a weekend away to Las Vegas or DisneyLand.  But, also remember this is about the bride, this is her last hoorah before she says “I DO”!  So no matter what is decided, make it as memorable for her as you can!

It’s the little things…You will be the voice she needs to hear in these moments!

Throughout the day of the wedding there will be times where the bride will be lost in the moment and need a little reminder to do certain things!  First and foremost, make sure she goes to the bathroom before she gets that dress on! You may be thinking, “she won’t forget that…will she?”, you’d be surprised!!

While at the reception and mingling with the guests, make your way towards the happy couple and make sure they have eaten, we see it all the time, the bridal party stays at the venue for photography after the ceremony while the guests make their way to the reception area for drinks and light appetizers.  Announcements are made at the door and everyone wants to talk to the newlyweds-leaving them no time to eat on their own, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

bridesmaid worn out

As stated before, you will need to dance as if you have never danced before!  You will participate in line dances, slow dances, conga lines, and maybe even a square dance or two depending on the party! Take it all in, enjoy the moment and smile for the camera-these are the memories the couple will hold on to for a lifetime!

As the evening is winding down, and the crowd is dwindling away, make sure you have stayed until the very end to send the couple off the right way!  Whether it is with bubbles or sparklers, pom-poms or glow sticks, or even mini beach balls…make sure you are taking part up until the very end of the night!

Once the bride and groom have made their getaway, you may then stop…take a breath, even take your shoes off and smile because you successfully helped make her dreams come true! Great Job!

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