Sanibel Island Weddings

Book Sanibel Island Weddings at an Amazingly Low Price!

We firmly believe everyone should have a wedding on Sanibel Island. Therefore, we offer Sanibel Island Weddings at an AFFORDABLE cost to everyone!

Sanibel Island Weddings

Our Sanibel Island wedding packages are very affordable starting at only $1,595.00 for the Intimate Bliss Package, which is the starting point for our Sanibel Island Elopement Packages. This package comes with a Sanibel wedding officiant, photographer, a 2-post decorative arch, the Florida Marriage License by mail service, and more!

Even if you’re not interested in booking an elopement package, you can still have a grand affair on the beach for 30-50 guests. Plus, the price still includes an officiant, photographer, decorative wedding arch, chairs, and more!

It’s easy to understand why our customers are saying they’re saving enough money to stay a few days longer on the honeymoon. We want to do the same thing for you, and we will when you partner with us as the beachfront wedding package provider for your wedding

We’re Willing to Finance Sanibel Island Weddings at 0% Interest!

Sanibel Island Weddings Package Financing
Not only do we want to save you money, but we want to help you finance the wedding as well! As expert small budget wedding planners in Florida we understand this need.

Currently, we have two payment arrangements when booking Sanibel Island Weddings. The conventional payment terms which are 50% down at the signing of the contract, and 50% due at 30-days prior to the beachside wedding. Many couples choose this option, however some can’t afford to put down the 50% all at one time. So we had to go back to the drawing board.

For the couples who need easier payment options we have 0% Interest financing available. Which works like this:

$300.00 Down at the signing of the contract. Then the remaining balance will be broken into monthly payments following the approach of the wedding on Sanibel Island. This typically works out to be a split in payments over 10-12 months. However, it really depends on the situation. We handle the financing on a case by case basis.

One things for sure though… Everyone Is Approved!

We Have Some Great Pre-Designed Packages for Sanibel Island Weddings!

Sanibel Island Elopement Packages
Sanibel Island Beach Wedding Packages

Our wedding packages work great at any location in Sanibel Island. Regardless if you have already booked a wedding venue prior to finding out about us. We can still setup any package we offer at any wedding venue you book. That’s the beauty of these package options.

However, if you haven’t booked a wedding venue we can save you money. We do this by utilizing the beach access which allow us to setup weddings. By doing this, we only pay for the beach wedding permit, which is usually $100.00.

Not Interested In Pre-Designed Sanibel Island Wedding Packages? No Problem!

Small Budget Weddings in Florida

We get it. Not everyone wants something pre-designed. That’s fine by us! As professional Florida wedding planners we have all the answers to your wedding design needs. We can get as elegant or as simple as you wish.

  • Beach weddings – No problem.
  • If you want a rustic wedding – we can do it.
  • Have a theme in mind? We can create it.

Nothing stands in the way of us planning your wedding. We can plan your wedding on the beach, at a hotel or resort, or even in the backyard of a rental or vacation home on Sanibel Island. Literally, the sky is the limit, and we’ll make sure to plan exactly what you want!

Locations for Sanibel Island Weddings

Alison Hagerup Beach – 14790 Captiva Dr, Captiva, FL 33924

Sanibel Island Weddings Location at Alison Hagerup Beach

Alison Hagerup Beach access is a great location for a Sanibel Island wedding ceremony. Although, it has a Captiva address, the location is very close by.

Typically, this location is great for sunset weddings! However, the parking is limited, so we encourage you to let your guests know to arrive early. In fact, having them arrive 45 minutes early is a great starting point for this location.

Turner Beach at Blind Pass Bridge – 17200 Captiva Dr, Captiva, FL 33924

Turner Beach Sanibel Island Weddings

Such a beautiful site for Sanibel Island Weddings. Especially is the wedding is setup near the rock jetty. Which makes for some awesome pictures!

Parking is limited, as with most places on the Island, so it’s best to arrive early.

Tarpon Bay Beach – Tarpon Bay Rd, Sanibel, FL 33957

Tarpon Bay Beach Sanibel Island Weddings

Yes, the walk can be a little much, but the beauty is worth it! This is a great location for Sanibel Island weddings. Especially weddings which are a little on the larger side of things.

We Also Setup Wedding at Custom Locations on Sanibel Island

Not everyone wants to use the same locations as the next person. That’s fine! As a result, we offer setups at custom locations. So, if you’re staying at a vacation home, or private area of Sanibel Island, we’ll be glad to setup our wedding packages there as well. All we need is permission from the proper authorities!

Don’t Delay, Book Today!

If you’re ready to book your Sanibel Island wedding today, then contact us now! Even if you’re still on the fence, call us. Either way, we’re going to provide you with a Free Wedding Consultation.

We promise to be conscious of your time and take as little as possible. However, we want to be sure to answer all your questions, as well as explain the options for Sanibel Island weddings. As a result, we ask you to allow us at least 15 minutes of your time. In doing so, we’ll have you on your way to enjoying an Island wedding at a very affordable price!