Sanibel Island Elopement Packages

We Offer Beautiful & Magnificent Sanibel Island Elopement Packages That Will Put A Smile on Your Face!

Sanibel Island Elopement PackagesWe offer Sanibel Island elopement packages that are easy to book and affordable. But most of all they are beautifully designed beachfront wedding packages that will put a smile on your face.

Our wedding planners work with you one on one to ensure the elopement package is exactly what you want.

Every Sanibel Island Elopement Package Includes…

Sanibel Island Elopement Wedding Package Details

A Sanibel Wedding Officiant to perform the pre-designed ceremony of your choice. Or, the officiant will work with you to custom write a wedding ceremony for your needs.

A Professional Wedding Photographer to take one hour of shots. Pictures are taken durning the wedding ceremony and following.

A professional Wedding Planner to assist in the design of your Sanibel elopement wedding package. Or, you can book our pre-designed wedding package, but either way the wedding planner is there to help coordinate the day-of and ceremony plans.

All the chairs, arches, decorations and decor to setup for your elopement.

Pre-selected Playlists for the seating our your guests (if you choose to invite any), the processional and recessional portion of the ceremony.

Here’s the Price Breakdown for Our Sanibel Island Elopement Packages…

When customers find out that all Sanibel Island Elopement packages come with a wedding officiant, wedding photographer and a wedding planner, typically they prepare for a large ticket price. However, that isn’t the case. Because we are the largest Florida wedding company, we’re able to get things done at a lower cost.

Here is what we mean by lower cost…

Sanibel Elopement Packages Price Breakdown

Conventional Sanibel Island elopement packages would cost you close to six-thousand dollars with all these elements. However, our elopement packages are under 2k!

Although , our Sanibel Island elopement packages are less expensive the quality is NEVER compromised. You’ll will always get quality with affordability. We promise that!

In fact, don’t take our word for it. Check out the 5-Star rating we have on many mainstream wedding websites that allow feedback from previous customer experiences.

The Most Popular Sanibel Island Elopement Packages

Sanibel Island Simply Romantic Elopement WeddingWe work with hundreds of couples every year providing Sanibel, Captiva and Marco Island Beach Weddings. Most all of the clients will book one of our Pre-designed destination wedding packages. Only a small percentage will have us customize their Sanibel Island elopement packages. Either way, is fine with us. However, there seem to be a favorite.

The most popular wedding package is the Simply Romantic Package. People usually choose this package because it has seats for up to 10 wedding guests.

The package will include a wedding officiant, wedding photographer, a 2-post wedding arch (or a rose petal heart in the sand), decor, a PA Speaker to play the ceremony songs and a few other bonuses.

All this for the affordable price of $1,545.00.

We Offer Affordable Finance Options for Your Sanibel Island Elopement Wedding!

Sanibel Elopement Wedding Package FinancingWe understand you want to have an elopement wedding. And, we want to be the wedding company to provide you with the wedding services you are seeking. Thus, we don’t let money stand in the way of accomplishing the goal.

Why? Because we own the bank! Ok, we don’t own the bank, but we’ve always wanted to use that line…

We have an in-house financing option which allows you to put a small down payment towards your wedding and finance the rest. But, the best part, it’s 0% Interest!

If you want to take advantage of this, just let us know during the free consultation. We’ll fill you in on all the details then!

Our competitors think we’re crazy! Maybe we are, but it’s because we’re crazy about you, and your elopement wedding.

We Know all the Great Wedding Locations on Marco, Captiva and Sanibel Island!

We’ve been doing weddings on the island for years, so we know all the great spots. We have locations for intimate elopement weddings, and we have spots for large Beachside Weddings. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a wedding location we have it.

Plus, we even have some Private Beach Wedding Locations. Although the private area is a shot drive from Sanibel. You can still throw a rock there! So, it’s almost like being there. Catch our drift?

Unlike some of the public beach areas, the private areas are great for fewer people on the beach. This is nice during a month like June, with all the tourism.

Don’t Stress – We’ll Book the Permit For Your Elopement Wedding!

Instead of having you stress out over booking a Sanibel Island Beach Wedding Permit, we book it for you! No need for you to worry about that. This is why we’re the experts!

We charge no additional fees for booking the Sanibel Island Beach Wedding Permit. However, we do add the cost of the wedding permit to the package.

Currently, the wedding permits on Sanibel are $100.00 per wedding event. the extra cost is not included in the Sanibel Island elopement packages.

A beach wedding permit is not required for just officiating a beach wedding. It only applies to weddings that require setups and decorations.

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