Reasons To Have A Destin Florida Beach Wedding

We Are Uncovering 5 Reasons To Have A Destin Florida Beach Wedding With Us!

Destin Florida Beach Wedding

So, you’re thinking about a Destin Florida Beach Wedding? 

That’s great news! 

We provide hundreds of Destin Beach Weddings every year!

Having a wedding on the beach in Destin, FL, can be a wonderful experience. However, allowing the wrong company to plan that beach wedding can be tragic!


Because, not everyone offering Destin Beach Wedding Packages will be offering the same thing! Which, is why our company is set apart from many, and here is why…

When Comparing Apples To Apples We Offer The Most Affordable Destin Beach Wedding Packages

Sure, there are some companies that offer a surface savings less than us. But, it’s just that, a surface savings only!

When you compare apples to apples you will discover that you get more bang for your buck working with us.

This is why it is so very important to do a line-by-line comparison of the package one company offers verses the other.

As an example, most of our beach weddings in Florida, will come with the State of Florida Marriage License.

This is huge!

The Marriage License by Mail Service makes it easy to have your marriage license in place prior to your arriving to Destin, FL. Which means, you bypass the courthouse and all that wasted time standing in line!

When doing a side by side comparison, if that service is not included in the package, you’ll need to add it for around $225.00.

When Booking Us As Your Destin Beach Wedding Planners, You Will Have Unmatched Industry Experience!

Not all Destin, FL, beach wedding planners are equal.


Simple. Unlike some Destin wedding companies, we are State wide. In fact, we plan several hundred more weddings each year around Florida. 

Here is a fun fact, we are the only beach wedding company in Destin (at the time of this article) who is a State wide provider of Florida Beach Wedding Packages! 

Because of this, you will gain unmatched experience in the beach wedding planning industry.

Let’s face it, if you have the option of choosing a heart doctor who had successfully performed a thousand open heart procedures, or one who had done only a hundred, you would hire the one with the most experience and success! 

Well, get this, the average Destin beach wedding company will only plan about 100 weddings per year. We do 7-10 times that each year! 

We have a great team of highly qualified and highly experienced wedding planners working with us!

We Aren’t Going To Lie To You About Destin Beach Wedding Permits That Don’t Exist!

There are cases where a Destin Beach Wedding Permit is required. However, as harsh as it sounds, there’s providers of Destin beach wedding packages who add in a beach wedding permit fee without it being one! We actually encountered this last week when speaking with a client on the phone. 

This lady (not to mention names) was shopping for a Destin beach elopement package. As a result, she reached out to us and two other companies in the area. Both of the other companies had told her of a beach wedding permit fee that didn’t exist. 

But, the funny part, the prices were not the same! 

We laughed so hard when we heard this, and set the record straight for her. She was so happy, she booked her beach wedding package with us on that call!

The other companies were trying to add more money to the pot. That is sad. But, I guess it speaks volumes about greed!

We Define What True Customer Service Really Is!

Destin Beach Wedding Packages without EXCELLENT customer service…

Who wants that?

Not You! And, not even is it was a free beach wedding in Destin, FL!

We take the time to work with each of our clients without reservation or limitations. In fact, we will communicate with you via one-on-one, video, phone, text, live chat or email.

We know you’re busy, so we make things work for you! 

Furthermore, we do not cap the amount of planning that comes with your beach wedding package. But, some companies do.

Rather, we are going to spend all the time it takes to provide you an exceptional experience! Because that is who we are, and that is part of the core values we have as a company

Nothing but the best in customer service!

We Do Not Tack On Fee’s To Our Destin Florida Wedding Packages!

Yes, there’s people who do, but not us!

Our wedding packages stay the same price all the time. Thus, you will never see a travel fee, or a vendor fee, etc., tacked onto our Destin wedding packages!

Sadly, some companies do charge an extra fee per vendor. In most cases, that will cost you an average of $50-150. 

Not with us, the package price, is the package price (with the exception of required permit fees).

Just another reason to do a side by side comparison!

So, What’s The Conclusion Here?

You need to contact us to plan your Destin Florida, beach wedding! 

In doing so, you will get the most affordable price, unmatched wedding planning experience, honesty, the best customer service and no added fees! 

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