Pensacola Beach Weddings

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Pensacola Beach Weddings

Affordable & Beautiful Pensacola Beach Weddings!

Planning on getting married in Pensacola Beach? Hey, not a bad idea! 

There is plenty of room for your wedding on the beach. In fact, eight miles to be exact. Plus, according to most people visiting, that’s eight miles of some of the cleanest beaches in America!

Pensacola Beach, FL, is known for the white sugar sand beaches that boarder the beautiful emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Furthermore, whether you want a large or small beach wedding in Pensacola, FL, we are ready to serve your needs! 

Consequently, our goal is to provide stress free, beautiful and affordable Pensacola Beach Weddings at this gem of a spot! 

Why Should I Have a Pensacola Beach Wedding?

That’s easy to answer. The beach is absolutely gorgeous, and the white sugar sand allows your toes to sink right in!

Plus, Pensacola Beach, FL, has beach wedding locations that offer some extreme privacy! 

In fact, we have filmed beach weddings in Pensacola with nobody ever walking through a frame of the video the entire time. 

If you know the beach, then you know, that’s impressive!

We Are Experts in Planning Beach Weddings

We have successfully planned hundreds of weddings on the beach. As a result, we know every inch of the beaches. Thus, we are experts in the process. 

 Furthermore, we are aware of all the requirements for having Pensacola Beach Weddings.

As an example, we know right down to the detail if there is a Pensacola beach wedding permit needed, or not.

Yet, that’s not all we know. Equally, we also know the best spots on the beach for setting up your wedding. 

Our knowledge of the beaches, the layout of the land, and the number of successful Florida Beach Weddings we have planned, make us a great fit for planning your wedding on the beach in Pensacola! 

Pensacola Beach Wedding Venues

Beach weddings are only as good as the location in which they are hosted. At least that’s what we believe.

In order to have a great wedding in Pensacola, you have to first know the best locations. We do! Guess this is why we are professionals in Pensacola beach weddings.

The great thing about working with us is we can set up our wedding packages most anywhere on the beach

However, as we mentioned previously, we know some spots along the beach that work great for most couples. Therefore, we like to highlight those locations as suggestions for setting up and hosting the beach weddings we provide.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the area of the beach listed you are planning on using for your wedding on the beach. We can probably have the wedding there – Just ask! 

1013-931 Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

1013-931 Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

This Pensacola Beach wedding venue works great for most all of the wedding packages we offer. However, we have found this location works extremely well with wedding parties of 30 or less.

There is plenty of parking for your guests (and it’s free to park), but there are no restrooms on site. As a result, the closet place to use the bathroom is a few blocks away. Therefore, we suggest you make sure to use the restroom prior to arrival.

This location does not require a permit for having a beach wedding. 

1225 Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

1225 Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

This location is a more populated area of Pensacola Beach, FL, however it’s still a great location for having a wedding on the beach. 

Although it is crowded at times, it’s far less crowded than the pier area. 

There’s plenty of parking and public restrooms too! 

Furthermore, in the event of an emergency (as in a pop up thunderstorm) there are several pavilions on site. Making this location a great alternative for seeking shelter, but still having the wedding under the shelter if need be.

900 Fort Pickens Rd, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

900 Fort Pickens Rd, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

We prefer to use this location for smaller Pensacola Beach weddings. However, our larger packages can fit too.

The area is private for the most part, and the parking is not too bad either. However, there are no public restrooms on site.

Pensacola Beach Hotel & Resort Weddings

Several couples have asked us if they could have their wedding on the beach at a hotel or resort. The answer is, yes!

Most hotels and resorts in Pensacola Beach, FL, allow us to set up our Pre-Designed beach wedding packages at their location. 

We do carry the proper insurances and coverages. Therefore, this is typically not an issue from our side of things.

Yet, the wedding on the beach is typically a cost to the couple – in terms of space.

The hotels and resorts are out to make some money (and that is understandable). As a result, there will be a fee charged to the client for utilizing the beach area for their wedding. This price can range anywhere from $100 – $500.00 or more.

Be aware, all beach weddings are free of a permit charge if you use our suggested locations for the wedding. But, that may not be the case if using a beach at a hotel or resort.

Pensacola Beach Wedding Permit

None of our pre-designed Florida wedding packages include the Pensacola beach wedding permit. However, we are willing to file the permit for you (just another way we relieve the stress from your day).

With the exception of two locations: Band Shell on Quietwater Boardwalk, and the pavilion at Casino Beach, you will not need a Pensacola beach wedding permit for your wedding.

We can set up the wedding arch, decorations and all the chairs you need for your beach wedding ceremony on Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Marriage License

Here’s an interesting fact. We are one of the only wedding companies in Pensacola that can offer you a turnkey service on your Florida Marriage License! 

As a result, any couple booking their Pensacola Beach wedding with us will not need to step foot in the Escambia County Courthouse to obtain their marriage license! We take care of all that! 

As a registered provider of the Florida Marriage License by Mail Service, we can have your marriage license ready and waiting on your arrival to Pensacola Beach, FL.

But, here is the cooler thing. All of our packages, with the exception of one, already includes this service!

Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages

While we can’t brag about offering cheap Pensacola beach wedding packages, we can boast about offering the most affordable Florida Destination Weddings.

In fact, the great thing about our Pre-designed Florida wedding packages is the fact they cover most everything a couple needs for a beach wedding ceremony. All of them include an officiant, photographer and a setup with decorations.

The base package starts at $1,195.00 for a beach wedding and goes up form there.

Determining the cost really depends on the type of wedding setup and decorations you want to use for your wedding. However, there is a wedding package for every budget!

Not into the Pre-designed packages we offer? Not a problem! We do offer customization, and are willing to draft you a wedding on the basis of your vision. Regardless, we will save you the most amount of money on your beach wedding in Pensacola.

Pensacola Elopement Packages

Prefer to have a small beach wedding in Pensacola, FL? Not a problem! Book one of our popular Pensacola Elopement Packages.

The Heart in the Sand is great for a small beach elopement. Or, book the next package up from that and get all your basis covered – Including the Florida Marriage License!

Pensacola All Inclusive Wedding Packages

It’s really hard for any company to offer all inclusive Pensacola wedding packages. And, it makes sense.

See, in order to be an expert at one thing, you need to let other things go.

There are so many moving parts that would be required to offer all inclusive Pensacola Beach weddings. Thus, it makes it hard.

However, we do offer an all inclusive wedding ceremony package. 

Let us explain.

The pre-designed Florida wedding packages we provide come with everything you need from a wedding ceremony perspective. Therefore, your coordination, wedding setup, decorations, the officiant services, photography, and the marriage license are included in most of our beach wedding packages.

So, if you look at it from that view. We do offer an all inclusive offer (for the ceremony, that is)! 

Your Dream Beach Wedding in Pensacola, FL, Awaits You

Let us take control of your beach wedding future!  As one of the most experienced providers of Florida beach Weddings, we promise to provide you with exceptional and affordable service! 

Furthermore, our Pensacola beach wedding packages will stand out above the others in price and quality. 

Contact us today!