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Pensacola Beach Weddings

Affordable & Beautiful Pensacola Beach Weddings!

Looking to get married in Pensacola? Let us take control of your beach wedding future! We are one of the most experienced providers of Pensacola Beach Weddings!

Our Pensacola beach wedding packages stand out above the others in price and quality. In fact, the average couple planning to get married in Pensacola Beach spent less than $1,200.00 with us!

At that price, they were able to enjoy a few extra days on the honeymoon, and a lot less stress. Oh, did we mention that we take the stress out of your special day?

Well, we do!

Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages

While we can’t brag about offering cheap Pensacola beach wedding packages, we can boast about offering the most affordable Florida Destination Weddings.

The great thing about our Pre-designed Florida wedding packages is the fact they cover most everything a couple needs for a beach wedding ceremony. All of them include an officiant, photographer and a setup with decorations.

The base package starts at $600.00 for Pensacola Beach weddings and goes up form there.

Determining the cost really depends on the type of wedding setup and decorations you want to use for your wedding. However, there is a wedding package for every budget!

Not into the Pre-designed packages we offer? Not a problem! We do offer customization, and are willing to draft you a wedding on the basis of your vision. Regardless, we will save you the most amount of money on your beach wedding in Pensacola.

Pensacola Elopement Packages

Prefer to have a small beach wedding in Pensacola, FL? Not a problem! Book one of our popular Pensacola Elopement Packages.

The Heart in the Sand is great for a small beach elopement. Or, book the next package up from that and get all your basis covered – Including the Florida Marriage License!

Pensacola Beach Wedding Permit

None of our pre-designed Florida wedding packages include the Pensacola beach wedding permit. However, we are willing to file the permit for you (just another way we relieve the stress from your day).

With the exception of two locations: Band Shell on Quietwater Boardwalk, and the pavillion at Casino Beach, you will not need a Pensacola beach wedding permit for your wedding.

We can set up the wedding arch, decorations and all the chairs you need for your beach wedding ceremony on Pensacola Beach.

Best Pensacola Beach Wedding Locations

Pensacola Beach weddings are only as good as the location in which they are hosted. At least that’s what we believe.

In order to have a great wedding in Pensacola, you have to first know the best locations. We do! Guess this is why we are professionals in Pensacola beach weddings.

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