Panama City Beach Wedding Packages

We Can Help You Choose The Right Beach Wedding Location

We can help you select a location on the basis of where you will be staying, the reception location and any attractions you are wanting to visit while in the area.

Out of all the locations, we would like to highlight a few:

St. Andrews State Park – 4607 State Park Lane, Panama City Beach, FL 32408

St. Andrews State Park, is a nice location that has a beautiful pier, plenty of parking, restrooms and a few other accommodations.

The layout of the park makes it easy to host a wedding of almost any guest count. Therefore, all of our Panama City Beach Wedding Packages are a fit for the park.

There is a beach wedding permit requirement at this location. The permit cost is $175.00. Plus, in addition to the permit fee, there is an $8.00 charge for parking, which, you and your guests will need to pay.

There are several pavilions on site at the park, which can be rented if desired. Some couples use the pavilions for hosting their wedding reception gathering. Which, is a money saver for most!

Beach Access #95 – 22801 FL-30, Panama City Beach, FL 32413

This location is one of our favorites. It is located in an area that has less foot traffic than most Panama City Beach beaches. Thus, making it a little less crowded with the feeling of more intimacy.

The only downfall to this location is the limited parking, and there are no public restrooms on site.

As a result, we recommend the use of this location when staying in close proximity to the access point. Otherwise, we suggest guests use the restroom prior to coming, as well as carpool if possible.

This location truly is a wonderful location if you can work within the perimeters of the parking and restroom suggestion. Plus, we can fit all of our Panama City Beach wedding packages on this site.

Beach Access #5 – 5208 Gulf Dr., Panama City Beach, FL 32408

This location is great for those couples planning on enjoying their pre-wedding, or reception gathering at Schooners. In fact, that is what most couples getting married at this location do.

After the wedding, they walk right over to the restaurant and bar and begin to celebrate the festivities of the day.

The only parking area at beach access #5 is owned by Schooners. Therefore, if you are not planning on going there for a pre-wedding or post-wedding celebration then this is not the right spot for your Panama City Beach wedding.

Bay County Pier Pavilion – 12213 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407

One of the popular piers in the area, this location is great for all of our Panama City Beach Wedding Packages.

There is plenty of parking, restroom accommodations, and of course, a beautiful pier! In fact, the pier is a great location to take a few beach wedding photos. It looks great in the pictures.

With the fame of the pier does come a little more foot traffic. However, we do many beach weddings on this site and everyone is very respectful of space. Yes, you will have a few onlookers, but at least they are respectful! 

Panama City Beach Wedding Permits

Currently, there are no required beach wedding permits for any public beach access point. However, St. Andrews State Park does require a beach wedding permit.

Hotel & Resort Beach Wedding Locations

Although, there are no requirements for a beach wedding permit by the City of Panama, most hotels and resorts do charge a fee to use there beach.

The costs are handled by the hotel and resort management. Therefore, we are unable to provide information as to how much a place will charge to use the beach for your wedding.

However, we can tell you what couples have reported back to us. On average, couples state they pay about $200-$500 to use a beach behind a hotel or resort. We think that is a little too much, especially considering the city doesn’t charge anything.

Therefore our suggestion is to have your Panama City beach wedding at the closest access point to the location you are staying. In most cases, this is no more than a block away.