Navarre Beach Weddings

Navarre Beach Weddings

Navarre Beach Weddings

Known as Florida’s most relaxing place, Navarre Beach, FL, is a beautiful place to visit. Whether you are on a vacation, or seeking a small weekend getaway, it doesn’t matter.

The beaches are less crowded, and the shoreline boasts of a natural beauty with little spoil of modern developments.

Along the coastline are the most magnificent emerald green waters you will see throughout the Panhandle.

Furthermore, the sand is so clean and fine. Literally, it squeaks under your feet when passing along the beaches. Truly, an experience like none other!

There is no wonder this place is so special to so many. Not to mention, the the couples seeking to have Navarre Beach Weddings.

Needless to say, to have a wedding on the beach in Navarre is a wonderful experience.

Relax, take a couple of deep breaths, then sink your toes right into the sand. Feel the gentle Gulf breeze as it passes along your skin, because that is the reality of this place!

We invite you to have your sunset, or sunrise beach wedding here!

What Makes Navarre Beach Weddings So Special?

Easy! A lot of things, but to start with…

Not many people know about it. Therefore, the beaches are way less crowded. This means a lot when having a wedding on the beach. Especially, from a beach wedding photography viewpoint.

The lees people on the beach, the less people or obstructions in the photos.

Furthermore, The magnificent Gulf Coast provides a stunning backdrop for creating life memories on the beach. And, that is what we are all about! 

We Offer Affordable Pre-Designed Navarre Wedding Packages!

Yes, we are known in Florida’s Panhandle for planning some of the best Pensacola Beach Weddings. However, we are also known for the wonderfully amazing Navarre wedding packages we offer.

No, we are not the only company offering cheap Pensacola beach wedding packages, or Navarre wedding packages. But, we are on the top of the list! 


Because, our Navarre Beach wedding packages are designed to include everything you need for a wedding ceremony on the beach. Yet, you still get to pick your colors, design layout and more!

Included in our Florida Wedding Packages are the setup, teardown, decorations, wedding officiant services and photography. Plus, (with the exception of a few) the State of Florida Marriage License by Mail Service

The fact we bundle all these items together, and focus on the ceremony portion of your day, makes the Navarre beach weddings we offer stress free (or, as little as possible). 

From Grand Beach Weddings to a Small Navarre Beach Elopement – We Have You Covered

We plan Navarre beach weddings of all sizes. Regardless, if you want several of your friends and family. Or, if you want to keep it small and private by planning a Navarre Beach Elopement. 

Speaking of elopements on the beach, you do know we offer the most affordable beach elopement packages in Florida, right?

Well we do! 

Navarre Beach Wedding Venues

The workings of all the great Navarre beach weddings begin with a knowledge of the best wedding venues. We are happy to say, we know all the great wedding venues in Navarre, FL.

In fact, there is one spot that stands out among others – Navarre Beach Marine Park.

Navarre Beach Marine Park 8739 Gulf Blvd Navarre, FL 32566

It’s a great location for Navarre beach weddings of all sizes. Plus, there is no required permit! 

There are plenty of parking spots for your guests. As well as, restroom facilities.

Also, you can rent one of the several pavilions for a beachside reception after the wedding. 

However, Navarre Beach Marine Park is not the only location. In fact, there are several houses for rent in Navarre beach which will allow us to host the wedding beachfront! 

Furthermore, the great thing about renting a house for your beach wedding in Navarre, FL, is there are plenty of them for rent on the beach.

Navarre Beach Wedding Permits

At no time, do any of our Navarre beach weddings come with a beach wedding permit. Whenever there is a requirement for one, the wedding permit will be charged at an additional cost.

However, unlike some other Navarre beach wedding companies, we do not charge additional for the Navarre beach wedding permits. We only charge you the cost. Nothing added as a service fee, etc. 

After all, we are all about saving you money when getting married on the beach in Navarre, FL.

Having said that, there are a few requirements for beach wedding permits. But nothing to outrageous! 

Suggested Hotels, Resorts & Beach Rentals for Couples Booking Navarre Beach Weddings

Best Western – Navarre Waterfront:  (850) 939-9400

Hampton Inn & Suites Navarre:  (850) 939-4848

Springhill Suites by Marriott:  (850) 939-0010

VRBO (house rentals):  1-877-228-3145

Flip Key (house rentals):  

Places to Have Your Beach Wedding Reception in Navarre, FL

The average couple booking a Navarre beach wedding will typically want to have a small reception. Mainly, because there are fewer guests for a destination wedding. Which makes sense, because of the travel involved.

Therefore, we believe about 70-75% of those having their Navarre beach weddings with us dine at a restaurant afterwards.

Typically, restaurants have no trouble entertaining parties of up to 30-40 guests.

Furthermore, the restaurant may even have a backroom, or special area for the event. Just be sure to ask!

Now, for the remaining 25-30% of our couples, they want to have more of a formal reception after their beach wedding. This is fine too! Because, you have options!

A lot of the beach rental houses are great places for hosting the reception after the wedding on the beach. Just walk right off the sand, and into the home. Simple.

Then, there’s the option of having your reception with one of the hotels or resorts. This too, is a fairly easy process, as most of the hotels and resorts will allow our Navarre beach wedding packages to be setup right on their property.

One of the top places we have discovered for couples booking Navarre beach weddings is the Best Western (highlighted on this page). But, just remember, the hotel may charge you whats called a “wedding site fee.” Which, might be worth the expense. Especially, when keeping those attending the beach wedding all in one spot.

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