Largest Florida Wedding Company

We are Excited to be Named the Largest Florida Wedding Company!

Since 2008, we’ve worked as hard as possible to do as much as possible in the Florida Wedding Industry. Our efforts were noticed among many. The ratings we had on different bridal websites begin to increase, and more and more five star reviews began to filter in.

Since then, we have received The Couples Choice Award, consecutively. With all the exposure, it was soon to happen.

One day, we were noticed by a large bridal association and referred to as the largest Florida wedding company. At first it was too much to rationalize in our minds, but then we began to put two and two together. We outlined all the areas we serviced and discovered we do encompass a wedding service area of more than 2/3 the State of Florida. After looking on the map for a few minutes we understood why we were referred to as the largest wedding company in Florida.

It was during this eye opening moment that we decided to set forth some service standards to live by. Here they are:

We Will Never Out Grow Our Desire to Always Put The Customer First

No matter how big we get, or how many counties we cover, the main focus is always customer satisfaction. You the customer deserves all the attention you can have for your special day. Regardless of the amount of money you’re spending you deserve the same level of priority.

If that mindset earned us the title as the largest Florida Wedding Company, then so be it!

When you work with us, this is the focus you will receive. Never will you hear us say, “You’ve taken up all the time we can give you.” In our opinion, we are a customer service business first, then a wedding company.

We Will Always Have The Best Prices

If you grow bigger, then your product should grow less expensive to produce. Well, that might be the case with some things, but what about the wedding industry? Our CEO, Jason E. Wheeler believes this is the case. Based on the fact the more you do something the better you get at doing it.

Since we are planning, officiating, and handling the marriage licenses for around 1,000 couples per year, then we should be good by now! Good enough to drive the costs down a little and always stay affordable. Guess what? We’re doing just that!

No Wedding Will Be Left Behind

We never want to say we can’t do something for a couple. Regardless of how crazy the idea is, we will find a way to accomplish the desires of our customers. As long as it’s within reason, and they have the money to pay for it. Like, getting married on a Spaceship… Well, it’s going to take some cash to make that happen! But hey, we are the largest Florida wedding company, right!?

Because of our dedication to make things happen for the people we serve, we promise to leave no wedding left behind!

The Largest Florida Wedding Company Isn’t Automating Anything

Don’t even try it. Having someone answer the emails from India, or programing an auto response isn’t going to cut it. Get out of here with those “press one” call features, and whatever you do, don’t think a Skype call is just as good as a face-to-face meeting.

We value customer interaction, and regardless of being the largest Florida Wedding Company, we will always have time for the people who made us that way.

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