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Jacksonville Beach Weddings With Florida Wedding Professionals

You want a Jacksonville, FL, wedding, but don’t know where to begin… Start by contacting the Professionals. We have hundreds of Jacksonville Beach weddings under our belt. As a result, we’re going to be able to provide everything you’re looking for in a beach wedding at Jacksonville Beach, FL

Since 2008, we’ve been serving the wedding industry. Our experience runs as deep as 3000+ weddings over the last decade. Therefore, we have a vast amount of knowledge in Florida weddings.

We promise to bring all our knowledge and experience to your Beachfront Wedding Package design.

Anything from small intimate Florida weddings and elopements to a grand beach wedding affair – We will be there every step of the way.

You can choose from one of our pre-designed Jacksonville wedding packages that has an all inclusive ceremony. Or, you can let us design something around your vision. Regardless of what you decide, you’ll soon discover we are masters at planning Jacksonville Beach weddings.

Jacksonville, FL is a Popular Location for Couples to Get Married  Before Sailing Away on a Honeymoon Cruise

Jacksonville, FL is the the largest city in the United State – in terms of land that is. Plus its a city that is rich in history and culture. Many couples travel to Jacksonville every year to set sail on a cruise. However, for some, that will be a Honeymoon Cruise.

Every year we will setup wedding packages in Florida for couples to have their wedding on the beach just before their cruise. If you are one of those couples, then we already have the best locations in respect to traveling to the port.

We Offer for Jacksonville Beach Wedding Packages That Are All Inclusive

Every aspect of the ceremony is covered in our pre-designed wedding package offers. Therefore, you’ll have no need of seeking out an officiant or even hiring a photographer. We have those elements included already.

When we say all inclusive – we mean it. Our packages include a beautiful setup with decor. Plus all the planning and coordination that comes with it. Also, the packages include a professional wedding officiant and photographer. Both highly trained and seasoned at Jacksonville Beach weddings. Finally, the package also has a PA System to play the ceremony processional and recessional songs. Plus a Florida Marriage License!

If each of these items were booked separately for any Jacksonville Beach weddings the price would be expensive, but not with us. We can provide all those wonderful things for one low price. A price that won’t break your bank.

Your Budget Won’t Stand in the Way – We Work With All Size Budgets When Designing Jacksonville Beach Weddings

As large and small budget wedding planners in Florida we are able to plan beachside weddings for anyone.

Regardless of your budget, we are able to create a beautiful experience for you and your fiancé.

You Can Book Intimate Elopements, Small or Large Jacksonville Beach Weddings

It doesn’t matter to us, we can handle Jacksonville Beach weddings of any size. A two person beach elopement or a 300 chair wedding. We can handle them all. We are professional Florida wedding planners.

Some companies cut their wedding bookings off at 50 or 100 chair packages. Not us. We have a team of wedding professionals to plan and setup even the largest wedding on Jacksonville Beach. Guess this is why we are on the largest Florida wedding companies.

Our Ratings As A Company Are Impeccable!

Just recently, we were recognized by Wedding Wire and became consecutive recipients of the Couples Choice Award. We are excited to have received them and vow to keep up the excellence.

You will experience this same quality of service for your Jacksonville Beach wedding.

Four Reasons Couples Choose us as Their Partners for Jacksonville Beach Weddings

There’s many reasons couples choose to work with us when planning Jacksonville Beach Weddings, but a few of those reasons are:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Experience
  • Quality

The prices we offer for the services we provide are hands down some of the most affordable in the industry. With the average cost spent per client of only $1,200.00. At those rates it’s easy to see why so many couples book us on Jacksonville Beach Weddings.

We offer extreme flexibility. You can schedule your wedding for a weekend or midweek. A sunset wedding or a sunrise wedding. Wherever and whatever time you want to host the wedding, we’ll be there with bells and whistles!

Since our start in the wedding industry, we’ve helped over 3,000 couples with their wedding plans. That’s a lot of experience to bring to the table.

Never will you see us using products that don’t pass our quality check. Only the best fabrics, arches and decor are used for our Jacksonville Beach weddings.

We Have Some Great Locations for Jacksonville Beach Weddings

Below, are a few of the highlighted choices for a Jacksonville Beach wedding:

1 5th Ave. N., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Jacksonville Beach weddings Locations

This location is great for large or small weddings. There’s plenty of parking and restrooms nearby. Plus, the location offers ease of access to the port for those couples having a Jacksonville Beach wedding prior to a honeymoon cruise.

There are some times where the traffic can be heavy due to the pier access. Therefore, it’s best to use this location at specific times and dates. No need to fear though, we have that under control!

429 1st St. S., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Locations for Jacksonville Beach Weddings

We love this location because there’s a park right along the water. This is great for taking some different photos. We can change up the setting for some more intimate photos with some Florida plants and trees in the background.

Not a bad location in regards to accessibility, plus there’s restrooms close by and plenty of parking for guests.

218 16th Ave. S., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Great spot for Jacksonville Beach Weddings

Similar to the 1st St. S., location, this is great for accessibility, as well as taking some unique photos. Plus, it’s very close to some popular hotels and resorts. Therefore, it usually requires less travel from the room.

Don’t See A Location For Your Jacksonville Beach Wedding – Not A Problem!

If the highlighted locations above are not areas you want to have your beach wedding in Jacksonville, then that’s not a problem. We setup our pre-designed wedding packages at almost any location! If you’re renting a vacation home, or staying at a nearby hotel or resort we may even be able to have the wedding there.

Contact us Today to Book Your Jacksonville Beach Wedding With the Florida Wedding Professionals!

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