Getting Married in Pensacola Beach

Things to Know About Getting Married in Pensacola Beach

There are some thing you need to know about getting married in Pensacola Beach. Things that we are going to help you understand.

Getting Married in Pensacola Beach

We have planned and performed several Pensacola Beach weddings successfully. From extravagant affairs to cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages, we have done it all when it comes to beach weddings in this area. Therefore we know a few things that would be of benefit for you!

A Pensacola Beach Wedding Permit is Not Required For Most Locations

With the exception of two locations, there are no requirements for obtaining a Pensacola Beach Wedding Permit.

This is a huge must know, as there are some Pensacola beach wedding companies who charge for a permit. A permit that isn’t required in most every spot on the beach.

Sadly, this could cost you about $100 -$150.00 is added expenses. Depending on how dishonest the wedding company is providing you with the quote.

You Should Be Able To Have A Pensacola Elopement For Around 1.5K or Less

There is no reason getting married in Pensacola Beach should cost you more than 3k. Especially, if you are looking for something more like a Pensacola Beach elopement offer.

On average, an elopement package should be around the neighborhood of 1 – 1.5k. If you are paying more than that for a small beach wedding in Pensacola, FL, then something is wrong.

For us, the Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages we would suggest would be the Heart in the Sand or the Intimate Bliss. 

There’s No Such Thing As An All Inclusive Wedding Package

Pensacola all inclusive wedding packages do not exist. Really, they don’t!

To be a true all inclusive option everything would need to be included. From flights to hotel accommodations. The officiating and photography. All the decorations. The marriage license, etc. All of it.

Well, the reality is, no one company provides all these services for beach weddings in Florida.

Be sure to know what it is exactly you are receiving. 

For us, the following would be provided:

A setup with decorations, officiating, photography, the State of Florida Marriage License by Mail Service, and all the wedding package coordination and planning.

Have More Questions or Curiosities About Getting Married in Pensacola Beach?

Do you have more questions? We have the answers! Contact us today! 

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