Fort Myers Beach Weddings

We Offer Incredible Deals on Fort Myers Beach Weddings

Fort Myers Beach Weddings

We Specialize in Creating Beautiful Life Memories Through Fort Myers Beach Weddings!

Since our beginning, we have been leading the charge in Florida beach weddings. Making it our goal to provide the best weddings at the most affordable price. That’s exactly what we do when it comes to Fort Myers Beach Weddings.

Every Fort Myers wedding package we offer is packed with value and money saving options. In fact, this is how we do it… We bundle everything into five pre-designed beach wedding packages.

That’s right, all the important factors for a Florida wedding on the beach has been included. The setup, tear down, decorations, chairs, officiant, photographer and the PA system for the wedding ceremony music. In most cases these things are already in the package!

We Provide Fort Myers Beach Wedding Packages for All Size Weddings!

It doesn’t matter to us, we work with clients who have a large or small budgets. Just the two of you – Not a problem. Two and a few – No issue here either. An all out beach bash celebration with 100 chairs… Yep, we do that as well!

Unfortunately, this is not the case with some companies. They want it all or nothing. In fact, we have been told stories of couples being turned away because they were not planning large enough Fort Myers beach weddings.

Never with us! We are just has happy to provide large wedding services as well as small Fort Myers elopement packages.

Fort Myers Elopement Packages

Not only are we popular for our Sanibel island elopement packages, but Fort Myers elopement packages as well! In fact, we are known for highlighting the best places to elope in Florida. Well, Fort Myers is one of them!

We can provide you with an elopement wedding package for as little as $600. It’s called the Heart in the Sand Package. Certainly a favorite among the crowds searching for small Fort Myers beach weddings.

Fort Myers Beach Wedding Locations

What good is having a beach wedding in Ft. Myers if the locations stink? Well, there’s no chance of that happening with us as the Florida Wedding Professionals!

We have selected some of the best locations for Fort Myers beach weddings (on the basis of our experience in beach weddings in Florida). Of course, this is on the basis of our experience.

We we choose locations for wedding setups we do it on the basis of accommodations, in the area, ease of access, public restrooms and parking.

In the event you don’t see the location you”re searching for, then don’t fret. Chances are we have setup several wedding packages on, or near the site. Therefore, we will be able to assist you with any locations possible for hosting Fort Myers beach weddings.

Before we jump into things let us say… Lovers Key State Park is a great location for a beach wedding, however it does require a permit fee. The fee is costly, so we don’t highlight this location as a result, but here are a few excellent choices!

Bowditch Point Park, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Bowditch State Park - Ft. Myers Beach Wedding Location

At the northern most part of Fort Myers Beach, this location is wonderful for any size beach wedding. There’s plenty of parking for you, as well as guests. Plus, there are public restrooms.

Currently, there are no Ft. Myers beach wedding permits needed for this location.

Newton Park, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach Weddings at Newton Park Beach Location

This wedding location is recommended for smaller Fort Myers Beach weddings. In fact, nothing over the Simply Romantic Package (which is a 15 guest package), would work at this wedding zone. Mainly, because parking is limited.

In addition to the two highlighted beach wedding locations in Ft. Myers, there are other access points in which we can setup. However, most do do have parking, or it’s extremely limited. In the event this is not an issue, then we suggest the following location for a more private and intimate feeling wedding:

Gulf Dr. & Estero Blvd.

Ft Myers Beach Access 12 - Gulf Dr & Estero Blvd

Fort Myers Beach Wedding Permit

Depending on the size of your wedding, you may or may not need a beach wedding permit for a Fort Myers Beach wedding. In the event you do require one, then we will file the paperwork for you! However, you will need to pay the additional costs for the permit.

Looking for a Vow Renewal in Fort Myers?

Yep, we can help too! We assist in Fort Myers vow renewals all the time. Renew your vows on the beach at 5, 10, 15 or any year you wish! Regardless, you’ll have a blast with us as your provider!

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