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Florida Weddings Are Magical and Breathtaking When Working With Florida Wedding Professionals!

Florida Weddings by Florida Wedding ProfessionalsYour Florida wedding should be magical and breathtaking. Free of as little stress as possible, and full of your wedding planners undivided attention. This is a reality when partnering with us in planning your Florida Wedding – it’s the Florida Weddings Promise!

When we plan Florida weddings we do it right. Regardless if its a full beachfront wedding package, or a small elopement. we have you covered, and that’s what makes the experience so magical.

Now, the breathtaking part… That’s in our jaw dropping designs! As one of the largest Florida wedding companies, we’ve learned our way around the design studio. Attention to detail and design… That’s why our Florida weddings are so recognizable.

It has to have the Florida Wedding Professionals touch!

We are a Full Service Florida Wedding Company

Several Florida Weddings Options

We work in all phases of the Florida wedding industry. As a full service wedding company we provide several services for Florida weddings which include wedding planning and pre-designed packages, as well as wedding officiant services and Florida Marriage Licenses.

Regardless if its a beachside wedding or a wedding at the Boca Raton Resort, we can provide all the elements of service your wedding requires.

Need a wedding planner? We can do that. Need a wedding officiant. We do that all the time! Need something simple and packaged together. Our pre-designed packages are great! Need a Florida marriage license? Working with us you won’t even need to step foot in the courthouse. We are court registered providers of the Florida Marriage License by Mail Service.

As you can see, we are diverse and encompass several areas in Florida weddings!

Florida Wedding Professionals, LLC Are Highly Rated as Experts in Florida Weddings

Florida Weddings Award With over 3000 weddings under our belt over the last decade, we have established ourselves in the Florida Weddings community. Therefore, our name carries weight with many of the venues across the State of Florida. If it’s a known venue, then chances are they have worked with us on a Florida wedding. Therefore, they’ll know the professionalism and quality of service we provide.

Furthermore, we are highly rated among several bridal websites providing services and information for Florida weddings. Sites like Wedding Wire, where we received the 2018 Couples choice award. Or the Knot, who presented us with the 2018 Best of Weddings Award.

We have a 5-Star rating on each site where hundreds of brides and grooms provided us with ratings on the basis of their experience with us. Booking us as your Florida wedding provider will ensure this same 5-Star rating on your wedding day!

We Have Some Pre-Designed Florida Wedding Packages Available

Sanibel Island Simply Romantic Elopement WeddingLet’s face it. It’s easier to plan a destination wedding when everything is bundled together. Considering Florida is a large destination wedding state – it only made sense to us to create some pre-designed wedding packages. Our packages are perfect for a Marco Island Beach wedding, or a Wedding on the roof top of a Hotel. It doesn’t matter where – our packages will look great in any setting!

We have three pre-designed packages for Florida weddings on the basis of our experience. Since Florida is a destination location the packages seem to fit. Those packages are the Intimate Bliss package, the Simply Romantic package and the Happy Ever After package.

With the smaller being designed for an elopement style wedding, and the larger accommodating up to 30 guests. You can add seating to the packages if you have more guests – We have plenty of chairs!

Don’t Like the Pre-Designed Selection… We’ll Customize Your Package or Design it!

Don’t like the pre-designed package… No problem! We custom design Florida weddings. Literally, we’ll create a design on the basis of your vision. Or, we will work off a picture you found on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter, we are Florida wedding professionals!

By the time we finish with your wedding it will be everything you want it to be and then some! That’s a promise you can take to the bank!

Florida Weddings That Rock

They Don’t Call Us the Florida Wedding Professionals for Nothing – It’s Because We Know Florida Weddings!

Whether we’re planning a Sanibel Island wedding, or helping you elope to Cocoa Beach, we are very diverse. At first glance it may not seem that way, as several of our weddings take place on the beach each year. However, we know how to rock it out at any location – sand, grass, big hotel or a small church – we’re the experts in Florida weddings!

Stress Free Florida WeddingsWe Take the Stress Out of Florida Weddings

We understand how stressful it is to plan Florida weddings, and we’ve planed thousands. As a result, we are professionals at dealing with high stress situations. Literally, we have protocols in place for everything that may happen.

From something as simple as needing a stitch in your dress to a medical emergency. We have an answer to the situation that arises.

With a trained and professional staff working with you the stress on your shoulders will be minimal. We’ll gladly carry the stress of your wedding day for you.

Your Florida Wedding Has Been Assigned A Personal Wedding Planner

Your Florida wedding deserves attention. Not just someone hiding behind emails and avoiding phone calls. A real live person to speak with. Someone to meet with and discuss the wedding plans. You’ll get just that when allowing us to plan your Florida wedding!

What to Expect When Working With us as a Service Provider of Florida Weddings

When working with us expect the following: professionalism that is unmatched. Affordability without compromise of quality. Finally, the highest level of customer service and attention to detail.

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