Florida Weddings and How We Make Them Memorable

Florida Weddings, And How We Make Them Memorable!

Florida Weddings

Offering wedding services wasn’t a career we landed by chance. Consequently, It was a strategic process which unfolded under specific planning and organization. Furthermore, fast forward more than a decade and we have completed several thousand Florida weddings. Mainly, beachside weddings, but lots of others as well!

Some people make the mistake of thinking a wedding just happens. Well, it doesn’t. In fact, the smile that radiates off a bride’s face is a reflection of how well the plan was executed. Thus, one hiccup, one over looked detail, and BAM! You’ve messed the whole experience up! We know how much devastation that causes. Therefore, we take a few extra steps to create a guaranteed smile on that Special Day.

We Start the Planning Process Early for All Florida Weddings

Regardless if you’re wedding is twelve months out, or six months out, we start the process of planning all Florida weddings right away! The old saying is, “Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” We live by these words!

Every customer is important, every detail matters and a happy customer promotes future business. The only way to reach that end result is through the appropriate channels of planning.

Immediately, after booking a Florida wedding package or service, we roll up the sleeves and get to work. Within 24 hours (or sooner if need be for quick weddings), we reach out to you for the scheduling of a wedding planning call or video chat (mainly, for out of state couples). Or, if you’re in Florida we schedule an office meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the different options available for the Florida weddings we offer.

Depending on the Florida wedding packages, we will discuss color and fabric selections, aisle way decorations, seating, ceremony music and ceremony types. Within, an average of 30-60 minutes we will have most of the plans for your Florida wedding knocked out. Talking about a stress relief!

Permits Required For Booked Florida Weddings Are Filed Immediately

In order to get the best spot for the beachfront Wedding packages we offer you need to act fast! Especially, when the location we are using for your wedding requires the booking of a beach wedding permit. This is why we file the paperwork for permits immediately after securing a signed wedding service agreement and the deposit.

Remember, this is a popular destination wedding location. A place where thousands of Florida weddings take place every year. Therefore, we need to secure the most sought after locations as quickly as possible. If not, you may compromise the opportunity to get married at your favorite beach.

We Provide Unlimited Customer Service Access to Every Couple

Couples allowing us to plan their Florida weddings will have unlimited access to us! We offer phone, Video Conferencing, email, Live Chat Support, and of course, in office meetings.

You’re wedding will only be as grand as the customer service behind the wedding package you book. When booking with us, you’ll have the best customer service their is – or someone’s getting fired!


We promise to do the best job possible in creating a memorable Florida wedding experience. As a result, we’ll work tirelessly to accomplish all your expectations. Contact us today and let’s work together in Creating Life Memories!

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