Pre-Designed Beachfront Packages for Florida Destination Weddings!

Finding the right company providing Florida destination weddings and beachfront wedding packages doesn’t need to be hard. All you need to do is refine your search to “Florida Wedding Professionals.”

Within a few seconds you will discover we are experts in the field of Florida Destination Weddings!

Since 2008, we have planned, designed and coordinated 3,000+ Florida destination weddings. As you can imagine, that type of volume creates a level of experience. An experience that is unmatched by very few wedding companies.

On average, a wedding planner anticipates planning around 15-20 weddings per year. At an average of 25 years in business that will be 375 – 500 weddings completed. We are doing that number+ every year!

When you book us as your Florida destination weddings partner you will have a more experienced and more diverse company handling your wedding

From start to finish we will be there every step of the way. With one goal in mind. To successfully create your Florida wedding dreams and bring them into reality.

Pre-Designed Destination Wedding Packages We Offer

Although, we do offer custom design packages, on the basis of our experience in Florida destination weddings, we have pre-designed a few package deals. The wedding packages are listed below.

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Florida Destination Weddings

The pre-designed Florida wedding packages we highlight on this page cover up to 50 chairs. However, we service Florida destination weddings of up to 100 chairs on the beaches. We can provide service for larger weddings off the beach.

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Your Destination Wedding Will Be a Success with Florida Wedding Professionals!

Great Florida destination weddings don’t just happen by mistake, they come together with a mixture of passion and planning. We have both passion for the industry we serve, as well as years of planning experience. Therefore, your wedding is sure to be a success when partnering with us!

We help hundreds of clients each year with the planning of Florida weddings. In fact, we’ve made it our passion to bring to life every couples dream of an unforgettable Florida wedding! Consequently, this is why our mission is “Creating Life Memories!”

Let us help you create some wonderful life memories by contacting us today for a FREE WEDDING ANALYSIS. Simply fill out the form on this page and a Wedding Specialist will contact you shortly. Or, feel free to contact us direct at (813) 591-0913.

Five Reasons Couples Choose Florida Destination Weddings

The Beautiful Sunsets! It’s no surprise that many couples choose to take advantage of the beautiful West-Coast of Florida for a beach wedding…because of the phenomenal sunsets. Most everyday of the year, with the exception of bad weather. A big beautiful ball of glowing orange will make its way under the horizon. As a result, the colors of the sky and the colors reflecting off the water are perfect when captured by one of our photographers.

Affordability. When we say affordable, we mean it! Even our most expensive pre-designed wedding package is under Three-thousand dollars, and that package will accommodate one hundred guests. According to Wedding Report Inc., the average cost of a wedding is $26,720.00. Which means our option is VERY AFFORDABLE!

Easy Planning Process. We focus the most on the ease of the process. We already know that a wedding causes anxiety in most cases. Therefore, we work extra hard to make the planning of your wedding as easy as possible.

Wedcation. That’s right, we said it, “Wedcation.” Now, if you try to find it in the dictionary, it will not be there. This is the word we have come up with to describe what most couples relay to us. They mix their wedding plans with their vacation. It’s only natural to expect the result to be called a Wedcation!

Just Show Up and Get Married. Time and time again, couples have stated how easy it was to work with us.  Furthermore, they enjoyed most the fact they could just show up and get married. This is what our plan is for you as well! Just show up, we will have everything under control!

Florida Destination Weddings Planning Process – How it Works

From the start, every couple will receive a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our Florida Wedding Professionals. We will evaluate your wedding needs and determine what package works best.

Then, upon determining the appropriate package, we will walk you through every step of the booking process, from filling out the package submission form to securing the deposit payment.

We promise to make this as hassle free as possible!

After the deposit payment has been made and the date is secure, we will partner you with one of our Florida Wedding Professional Planners. This helps greatly!

Why, you may ask? Because, you will have a specific point of contact for the individual handling your wedding. Try getting that accomplished through some of the other Florida destination weddings providers – Good luck!

We Cover the Following Areas When Planning Florida Destination Weddings

Wedding Location. This is very important, and needs to be decided as quickly as possible. Therefore, we work hard to assist in every step of the decision process by providing you with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. Time and time again, our destination wedding location knowledge has helped couples in this area of the wedding planning process.

The Wedding Start Time (Most of the Weddings are Sunset Times). Although, most Florida Sunset destination weddings start one-hour prior to the sunset, there are other advantages to starting at an earlier time. Not to worry though, we will help you make that decision during this step in the destination wedding planning process.

The Wedding Decorations and Decor. Not every bride wants to have the same look on their wedding day – We get that! You should have options, and that is what we cover during this step in planning the perfect Florida weddings.

A Wedding Photography Shot List. If there’s a wedding photo you find on Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, or the like, just send it over. There is a great chance our professional wedding photographers will be able to capture the moment.

The Type of Ceremony to be Performed. Trust us, you will remember the wedding on the basis of the ceremony performed, so let us help you choose the right direction.

The Wedding Party Line-up for the Processional & Recessional. This is huge! Why travel to the location before knowing the line-up? We can have those details in place months before that time arrives. Just another way we help ease the stress of the Big Day!

The Music Selections for the Processional & Recessional. It’s your ceremony, so play the songs that matter the most. Just provide us with a list of music and we will have it ready to go on your wedding day!

Any Special Accommodations. Remember, we are here to help in any way possible. Whatever the need, just ask. Chances are, we have the contact information already. Some examples are: Restaurants, local attractions, beach wheelchairs, hotels, rental cars… Just ask!