Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget

5 Must Know’s About Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget

Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget

We Offer The Best Deals to Couples in Search of Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget!

The majority of every couple wanting to have a destination wedding is searching for Florida beach weddings on a budget. At least that’s what the numbers tell us people who watch search quires on Google.

If you are one of those individuals beach for beach wedding ideas that are budget friendly, then there’s some things you need to know before booking a beach wedding package.

Our intent is to make you aware of those important factors for booking beach weddings.

What’s Included in the Wedding Package?

We hear about it all the time. People sign up for a Florida beach wedding package that was suppose to be budget friendly and discover it’s costly!

Recently, we heard of a couple who booked their wedding package with another company expecting to receive all their wedding pictures taken, but didn’t. Turns out, the wedding company only provided them with 30 pictures at no charge, and they had to purchases any additional.

Wow! That is a rip off! Especially, considering our Florida wedding packages that include photography comes with 100 edited photos.

this example is a big reason why you need to have a clear understanding of what is include by those companies offering Florida beach weddings on a budget. Because, it might turn out to be way over budget!

Are there Any Hidden Fee’s?

Yep, what may seem to be the bottom line for most Florida beach weddings on a budget might only be the start.

As an example, what if the location you choose requires a beach wedding permit, will that be included. Or, better yet, are there additional charges for booking the permit on your behalf?

We are clear to point out in our beach wedding packages that none of them include the beach wedding permit. Because, not every location requires one. Yet, the span in cost is significant in some cases. Therefore, it’s hard to include those costs into the pre-designed Florida wedding packages.

However, what we never do is charge additional for the permit! This is where some companies get you! What would cost you $100.00 to file on your own, the wedding company is charging you $150.00 for.

This is important information to know when searching for providers of Florida weddings.

What Are The Cancellation Fee’s?

Most cancellations will cost you, especially when working with the wrong beach wedding company.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a no risk, 14-day cancellation period for any wedding package you book with us. Therefore, if after booking the wedding package you find out it’s not going to work. Then no harm, no foul! We give you your money back.

The same thing isn’t true with other companies. The minute you book the package and they run your card, you lost it all! Plus, in extreme cases, they charge you above the refund amount. Just like a bunch of crooks would do!

Will Someone From the Company Be At the Beach?

This is a big one, and we can’t figure out why. However, there are several wedding companies offering beach wedding packages that only send the vendors to the beach. And by vendors, we mean people who are sub-contractors of the company and not directly employed by the company.

This is horrible! Someone who works directly for the wedding company should be on site. This guarantees things happen the way they are suppose to happen.

Don’t fall victim to hiring a beach wedding company who only sub contracts everything!

Is the Company Reviewed on Google, Wedding Wire, the Knot, Etc?

Next to paying more for your beach wedding package, the next mistake is hiring a less than qualified beach wedding company.

Make sure you research the companies credibility though website like Wedding Wire, the Knot and Google reviews. All of those platforms are great form hosting verified and proven real life dealings with the company you are considering book your florida wedding package with.

A quick 10-15 minutes of research and reading some reviews might save you big time!


It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into when booking a beach wedding in Florida. It pays to read up on things and do a little research yourself. However, the main thing is to make sure you know what you’re signing up for!

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