Florida Beach Elopement Packages

Florida Beach Elopement Packages by Florida Wedding Professionals

Florida Beach Elopement Packages

With the high cost of weddings today, it’s no wonder couples are searching for more affordable options that won’t break the bank. As a result, Florida Beach Elopement Packages can be a great alternative to those rising costs.

Florida Wedding Professionals, LLC, has been offering affordable Florida Wedding Packages for two since 2008. We continue to push the envelope, and develop even more options for elopement weddings in Florida.

Although, elopement packages are offered by many Florida wedding companies, couples have reported that our packages are among the most budget friendly. This is no accident! We work hard to make this happen for every client.

Check Out A Couple Of Our Beach Wedding Elopement Packages

The Heart in the Sand Package

$1,195.00 (Taxes Included) Bookable Only Tuesday – Thursday

This Florida beach elopement package is great for a short and sweet wedding on the beach. It includes a pre-designed silk floral heart, as well as an officiant to conduct the wedding ceremony.

Plus, as a bonus, it also includes the beach wedding photographer! However, the package only comes with 30 minutes of photography. Which, is enough time for about thirty pictures. You can add in additional photography time if you wish, however most couples are happy with the timeframe for the photos.

The Intimate Bliss Package

Florida Beach Elopement Packages$1,595.00 (Taxes Included) No Booking Restrictions

This beach wedding elopement packages comes with a few more items than the smaller Heart in the Sand Package.

Included is a decorated 2-Post Bamboo Wedding Arch, which makes a beautiful backdrop for your wedding on the beach. Plus, it includes an added 30 minutes of photography. Therefore giving you up to one hour of photo time.

However, unlike the smaller package, this beach wedding elopement package does includes the State of Florida Marriage License by Mail Service.

We Will Customize Florida Beach Elopement Packages

Out of all the Florida beach elopement packages we plan each year it is a fact the Heart in the Sand Package and the Intimate Bliss Package are the most popular choices among couples. However, we do customize beach wedding elopements to fit your desire!

Wendy and Matt are perfect examples. They contacted our company about their Florida beach elopement but with a different vision in mind. Not a bad thing! 

Our design team went to work and we created the beach wedding elopement of their dream!

Florida Beach Wedding Elopement Package-2

Wendy & Matt’s Custom Beach Elopement Package

As you can see, we have nothing but the best desires to fulfill our clients visions for the perfect beach wedding elopement in Florida.

We strive hard to make things happen that need to happen and relieve the stress from your shoulders.

The Best Time To Book Florida Beach Elopement Packages

As soon as possible in regards to scheduling. However, in regards to the best day to have a small wedding on the beach, mid week is best.

Historically, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s are best for having a more private wedding on the beach. Especially, if we use a more “locals” beach to host the wedding.

Beach Wedding Permits For Elopement Packages

Several locations throughout Florida require permits for beach weddings. However, not all location require them. 

For those locations that do require permits, we can in most cases file the permit and obtain it for you. If that option is available for the location of your wedding, then we will go that route. Yet, without a filing charge!

Most beach wedding companies will charge you additional for the beach wedding permit, but not us. We believe in keeping your costs affordable. Therefore, the cost of the permit is the price you pay.  

Best Locations For Beach Wedding Elopements

Although, there are hotels that offer elopement packages on the beach, they are very costly, and sometimes hard to find. Mainly, because most hotels and resorts want to host beach weddings that are larger in volume.

The more people in a wedding, the more rooms they book, the more food and alcohol they sell, etc. They want big ticket items, not the small ones.

This is why we have so much success in offering beach wedding elopement packages in Florida. We host them on the beach at public access points throughout the State. In doing so, we keep the costs very affordable.

There are many beautiful locations throughout Florida’s coastline to host a small elopement wedding on the beach. In fact, since we are a beach wedding company that encompasses the State, we are able to setup at most any beach.

However, out of all the locations we’ve used in the past, there are a few that stand out among others. We are happy to share those beach wedding locations over a free consultation.

Regardless, just know when you do reach out to us, we are experts in offering Florida beach weddings on a budget, so you will save money!

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