Flagler Beach Wedding Packages

Looking to get married on the beaches of Florida’s Palm Coast?

We provide Pre-Designed Flagler Beach Wedding Packages at the most affordable and reasonable rate possible!

Whether you are looking for a small intimate elopement, or a larger wedding on Flagler Beach, we have something to fit your needs.

We Can Save You Money On Your Flagler Beach Wedding

Why spend more than you need to spend on a beach wedding? Why not save the difference, or use it for an extended honeymoon?

We believe you should have a great beach wedding experience, without breaking the bank. So, that is what we provide! 

In fact, when comparing our beach wedding packages to other wedding companies servicing the Palm Coast, we offer the lowest rates, the highest service quality, and the most that any package can offer. 

Oh, and did we mention – For Less!

Yes, we can!

When comparing our 20 guest wedding packages to other companies, our package costs about 10-15% less. 

Check Out These Palm Coast Beach Wedding Packages! 

Our Flagler Beach Wedding Packages are easy to book, affordably priced, and look beautiful on the beach. 

It’s your special day, so make it a good one with one of our pre-designed packages! 

Flagler Beach Wedding Packages

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Flagler Beach, FL Beach wedding Locations

Flagler Beach extends from Ocean Marina Drive on the North to Clubhouse Drive on the South.

The beach extends for just a little over six miles, and has several access points. However, our focus has been on the following locations listed below. 

As a side note, we can setup your beach wedding at several different locations, so if you don’t see the location listed, don’t be discouraged. Chances are, we setup where you want to have your wedding on the beach.

HWY A1A & North 16th St.

N Ocean Shore Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL

The highlighted location we use for Palm Cost beach weddings at HWY A1A & N 16th St., Flagler Beach, FL, is best for our smaller beach wedding packages. However, with a parking and transport plan in place, this will be a good location for any size wedding package we offer.

HWY A1A & 7th St. South

7th St. South & HWY A1A Flagler Beach, FL

When booking our larger beach wedding packages, it’s best to use this location. Mainly, because parking and restroom facilities aren’t an issue!

Although, we only highlight two locations, we can setup in other locations on Flagler Beach without any trouble. Just check with us if you are seeking a different location for your wedding on the beach! 

If Flagler Beach is not what you are looking for after reading through the information we provided, then keep in mind we offer beach weddings through the entire Palm Coast of Florida. 

We provide Cocoa Beach Weddings, as well as Daytona Beach Weddings

No matter where you go in Florida, the Florida Wedding Professionals are there for you! 

Flagler Beach Wedding Permit

A Flagler Beach wedding permit is not required for weddings on the beach with less than 50 people (that includes wedding staff).

However, a beach wedding permit is not that expensive. The cost is $100.00.

We will file the permit for you, but you will be required to pay the additional cost for the beach wedding permit.

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    What is the date you are most interested in booking your Flagler beach wedding?