Destin Florida Beach Weddings

Destin Florida Beach Weddings by Florida Wedding Professionals

As a premier Destin wedding company we have the opportunity to work with hundreds of couples every year. From planning small to large Destin Florida beach weddings. Yet, each beach wedding is different from the next.

Although, we do offer Destin Beach Wedding Packages that are complete and ready to go, we also offer unique designs.

Not everyone likes the same thing or style. Therefore, we want to offer the best options for all our Destin Florida beach weddings. One thing is certain however, you will save the most amount of money hiring us to plan your Destin Florida beach wedding.

Destin Florida Beach Weddings

Experience Amazing Destin Florida Beach Weddings at Sunset!

We even offer Destin Elopement Packages!

On average, our Destin elopement packages are booked durning the week days (mainly Tuesday – Thursday). Why, because a lot of people love to elope to Destin, FL, with as little people as possible on the beach.

We get it – Destin beach weddings are awesome. Especially for just two.

In fact, Destin beaches offer some of the most privacy possible on a public beach. It almost appears to be a hidden gem – a Florida beach weddings secret.

Even though, a lot of people like to book Destin elopement packages, there’s still a lot of people who take advantage of our bigger wedding packages.

We can assist in the planning of a beach wedding for two to two-hundred. As a result of the average size weddings we plan, we put together some pre-designed wedding packages.

Hands down, our beach wedding packages are the most affordable among Destin weddings taking place on the beach.

Furthermore, our Destin Florida beach weddings stand out above the others. Why? Because, we rake the sand, tie the bows with care and pay a lot of attention to detail. Things you will appreciate on your wedding day!

Best Locations for Destin Beach Weddings

Really, Destin, FL, is an open canvas. we can setup and plan a beautiful beach wedding at almost any public access point. However, on the basis of our experience from planning Destin Florida beach weddings, we recommend the following locations for the best experience possible.

June White Decker Beach

June White Decker Park – Restaurant Rd, Destin, FL 32541

This location is best for 20 guests and under. 

James Lee Beach

James Lee Beach - Location for Destin Beach Wedding Packages

Unlike Henderson Beach State Park, James Lee does not have a Destin Beach Wedding Permit fee for beach weddings with fewer than 50 people. Thus, it is a top pick as a beach wedding location in Destin.

Henderson Beach State Park

Henderson Beach State Park

Destin, Florida, Beach Wedding Location at Henderson Beach State Park.

Henderson Park is a great location to host Destin Florida beach weddings. There’s plenty of room on the beach for setup of all sizes.

Although, this location does require a beach wedding permit, it’s reasonably priced for the venue offering (plenty of parking, covered structures for eating and dining, public restrooms).

We do not want you to be deterred if a location we highlight doesn’t appear to be best for your beach wedding. We will work with you at the location of your choice!

We have a 5-Star Rating As Destin Beach Wedding Planners

Plain and simple, our clients love what we do! In fact, this is why we hear clients brag about how they felt when they approached the beach wedding setup. Many have let us know they were happy with all the attention to details. Right down to the raking of the sand.

Consequently, our couples have wrote reviews on many websites. To name a few, Wedding Wire, Google and others.

Over and over, when reading through the reviews, you feel the excitement and joy. You will feel the same way when we plan your Destin beach wedding! Feel free to read some of the reviews here: Florida Wedding Professionals Reviews.

Destin Beach Weddings and Receptions

Sometimes, couples will want to plan a reception after the wedding. That is a great idea. However, having a reception in Destin, FL doesn’t require you to spend a lot of extra money. In fact, we encourage our clients to take advantage of some money saving options.

For instance, you can have the wedding on one of the beach locations we frequent, then have a reception dinner at a restaurant afterwards. Instead of booking a wedding reception venue, utilize this option to save the most money.

On average, paying for a private reception venue will cost between 1k – 3k. Especially, in Destin. This is mainly because the reception venues are limited.  Therefore, the wedding venues tend to cost more.

Heck with that! Pay less money and use a restaurant to gather at after the beach wedding. Worried about that? Don’t be. Most places are able to seat up to 30 guests with very little struggle.

One of the things we try to push is for money saving options for every couple. You work hard for your money, and you shouldn’t spend it all on a wedding. That’s how we see, however, that may not be the way every wedding company see’s it.

If this idea isn’t for you, that’s fine. We have a list of resources available. Just inquire about them.

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