Beachfront Wedding Packages

Amazing Beachfront Wedding Packages!

We have some amazing Beachfront Wedding Packages that will blow your mind! Ranging in scale from 2-100 guests, we’re ready to handle any Beachfront Wedding Adventure you can throw our way. Elopement and small weddings, Medium sized weddings, BIG weddings. It doesn’t matter, we can setup, decorate and plan a beach wedding that will make your jaw drop.

Beachfront Wedding Packages

Our team of professional Florida wedding planners are there to work with you every step of the way. From the initial contact till the “You may kiss the bride” moment, you’ll have a personal account manager / wedding planner to guide your steps. Not a company hiding behind emails, but a live person, with a real voice, who has an actual phone number to call you on. That’s the Florida Wedding Professionals way!

We’ve Been Around Beachfront Weddings for a Long Time – Since the Beginning of Time!

Since, 2008, we’ve been planning, officiating and managing Beachside Wedding Ceremonies. That’s practically since the beginning of the beach wedding industry! After all, the beach wedding boom didn’t happen till around 2012.

Beachfront Weddings That Make You Smile!

Our experience, and longevity in the Florida Beach Wedding Industry, has earned us prized positions as highly recognized professionals. In fact, we’ve been recognized by Wedding Wire for the Couples Choice Award, as well as by the Knot for the Best of Weddings Award. Both awards are prestigious, and extremely coveted among wedding pro’s. We have them on the wall!

Our Pre-Designed Beachfront Wedding Packages Will Make You Dance for Joy at the Savings!

Beachfront Wedding Package Price Comparison


We’ll Customize A Beachfront Wedding Design to Fit Your Plans!

Not everyone wants a pre-designed beachfront wedding package. We understand. This is why we have a team of wedding planners who are ready to work with you in order to design the beachfront wedding you desire.

we’ll meet with you during our initial wedding consultation and listen to what you want. Not try to tell you what we think you want. We want this to be about you, and not us.

After we have a clear understanding of what you’re expecting out of your beach wedding we will put together a plan. Once you receive the plan and approve it, we will get started right away. This process is quick and painless, and geared to get exactly what you’re looking for in a beachfront wedding.

Our Beachfront Wedding Packages Can Be Setup Anywhere!

Beachfront Wedding Package Setup on Golf CourseThe wonderful news about our Beachfront Wedding Packages is they can be setup at any wedding venue. In fact, we’ve worked with many clients who desired to have their wedding at a location like the Don CeSar, or some other well know beachfront hotel, and we were able to give them exactly what they were looking for.

We have great working relationships with most every wedding venue on the beach. Since, we’ve worked with a lot of beach wedding venues and beachfront hotels and resorts, we typically already know what we need to do as a vendor. But, if we run across one that we have never setup with, then we’ll pick up the phone, or stop by for a meeting.

We Have A Price Match Guarantee on Beachfront Wedding Packages

Beach Wedding Package Price MatchShopping for a beach wedding. No problem. As the largest Florida Wedding Company, we’re sure we can beat or match any wedding quote. The only stipulation is the services quoted must be the same as the services we are quoting.

As an example, we have a well known competitor who prices wedding packages a little lower than we do, however they don’t include all the bells and whistles our packages do. However, when running a side by side comparison we are always priced lower than they are.

At the end of the day we want one thing for you… To have a great wedding in Florida that’s affordable… Ok, maybe that’s two things. Regardless, you’ll get it with us as your destination wedding providers!

We Offer Beachfront Wedding Package Financing at 0% Interest

Talking about a great offer…We are willing to finance any of our Beachfront Wedding Packages at 0% interest.  Some of our competitors have called us crazy, but we’re really not worried about what they say. We are more concerned with what you say.

The financing option for your beachfront wedding is really simple. You’ll pay a small deposit payment, and then we will break the remaining payments up over the course of the following months leading up to your wedding.

Typically, we will bill your credit card on file on the 15th, of every month. But, we are here to work with you, so if that’s not convenient for you, just speak the words. This may be why customers have called us the best small budget wedding planners in Florida.

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We offer the most budget friendly and affordable Beachfront Wedding Packages in Florida. We care about our customers and promise to take the best care of you. Your wedding is our wedding, and your happiness is our happiness.

Reach out to us today to take advantage of a Beachfront Wedding Package Consultation. We’ll be happy to go over the different packages we offer, and answer any questions you may have.

The best way to contact us is by submitting the form below, or calling us at (813) 591-0913. However, if you prefer, you can schedule a phone consultation by clicking the following link: Schedule a Phone Consultation With Florida Wedding Professionals.

We are always here and ready to help Create your life memories through the magic of a Florida Beachfront wedding.

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