Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding (A look into the mysterious beach wedding phenomenon)

Beach Wedding

Year after year, hundreds of couples decide to have a beach wedding, instead of a traditional wedding as generations past. And, every year I’m asked the question, “why would anyone want to get married on the beach?” Ironically, the individuals who typically ask me that question fall into the category of what I might refer to as, “the prior generation.”

It’s not a bad thing, and It’s okay. People change with time, and sometimes those changes are hard to understand. Especially, when something has been done the same way for years (such as weddings). This is probably what makes the beach wedding phenomenon so mysterious. It’s different, out of the box and against the grain.

However, most things that are “out of the box”, will be accepted later in time. Unfortunately, there seems to be a delay from the start to the acceptance. Yet, this is not to be discouraging, one must only have a little patients.

Believe it or not, a beachfront wedding packages are not a new concept (at least by todays standards). It’s actually something that has become more increasingly popular in the past decade. Therefore, we’ve (Florida Wedding Professionals) learned some things about beach weddings. Things like the couples most fitting for a beach wedding, and the best type of beach wedding setup and locations, etc.

The idea behind this article is to help you better understand what a beach wedding is and if you’re a good fit for the event, some basic location suggestions, as well as appropriate start times.

Beach Wedding Basics

A beach wedding is nothing more than a wedding which takes place on the beach. The beach becomes the wedding venue, unlike a church or a golf course, as an example. In fact, the same principles apply, as with any wedding. Usually, there’s a bride and groom, as well as a wedding party, an officiant, photographer and guests.

Just because the wedding is taking place on a beach doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional theme wedding. It simply means the beach is going to be the location in which to host your wedding. However, when having a beach wedding you should understand there’s some things to be considered.

The Wedding Is Outdoors

Depending on the time of the year, this may or may not, be an issue. Obviously, if the wedding is on a beach in Florida the time of year could make a huge impact (like hurricane season weddings). Yet, when planned appropriately this is of very little concern. However, it’s always best to have a backup option if possible.

The Guest May Get Hot On The Beach

Since the wedding is taking place on a beach you should consider an earlier wedding (morning or mid-morning) start time. Or, if you’re intentions are to take advantage of a sunset wedding then begin about one hour prior to the setting of the sun. However, try to avoid wedding start times that are between the hours of 12pm – 3pm. This time frame tends to be the hottest part of the day.

There May Be A Few Bystanders At A Distance

Most of the time a beach wedding is held on public property, therefore the public is allowed in the area. So, you may have a few people setting on the beach and enjoying their day, just as you are enjoying the beach (but in a different way).

If you can live with those few things (outdoors, could be hot, public area), then you’re well on your way to having the beach wedding of your life!

Are You And Your Fiancé A Good Fit For A Beach Wedding?

Honestly, the best way to know if you and your fiancé are a good fit for a beach wedding is to ask your self a few questions:

  • Are we an outdoors couple?
  • Do we like the water?
  • Do we like the beach?
  • Are we okay with sand between our toes?
  • Are we wanting a laid back wedding (not as formal)?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions (if not all of them) then chances are, you’re a great candidate for a beach wedding!

Remember, a beach wedding is meant for a couple who has a love for the outdoors (more specifically the beach or water). If you don’t like those elements then you’ll never be able to enjoy a wedding on the beach.

Also, from a personality perspective,  the most fitting couples tend to be “type B.” The type “B” personality trait describes people who are more laid back and less stressed. Typically, they like to have a good time and enjoy the things around them with friends and family.

Do you fall into that category?

Really, only you know what’s best for your wedding day. Therefore, the answers to some of the questions may vary, but you have the final decision.

Beach Wedding Location Basics (Good Spots and Things to Consider)

When it comes to having a beach wedding – location is everything! Well, maybe… Are there really any bad places on the beach? Yes, for weddings!

Keep in mind that most of the areas a wedding is allowed to take place on he beach will be in a public area. Therefore, it’s often best to look at locations on the beach that are in close proximity to the beach of choice.

As an example, let’s consider Marco Island. It’s is a great location for a wedding, but can be over populated at certain times throughout the year. Therefore, having a wedding at the main access point isn’t that feasible. Yet, moving the wedding to Tigertail Beach is the answer in most cases. Why, because it’s still on Marco Island, but it’s a lot less people there to crowd the area.

As experts at Marco Island beach weddings we know these little inside scoops on the best times and locations. Therefore, we have the ability to work with our clients on a greater level. But, not only in Marco Island, but the whole State of Florida. Because we specialize in FLORIDA weddings.

If you’re woking with another company or trying to plan your beach wedding on your own then consider these things about picking the best location:

How Big is the Wedding Location?

This is a big thing to consider about a beach wedding, the size of the wedding location. Keep in mind, if the location is too small for your size wedding or setup it will never work. Sure, the beach wedding location may be perfect, but if you can’t enjoy the wedding then why have it there?

Are There any Public Restrooms Nearby?

What if you or your guests need to use the restroom? Well, there needs to be on close by where the beach wedding is taking place. Too often, we’ve seen this slip up with other companies or individuals planning there own beach wedding. Don’t let it happen to you!

Will There be Enough Parking for Guests?

Yes, huge thing to consider… parking for your beach wedding! The location not only must fit the setup, but the number of guests as well. If there isn’t enough guest parking spots then people will be high stepping it to the wedding, from blocks away in some cases.

How Far is the Location From Where You’re Staying?

Eventually, you will need to show up for the beach wedding to take place. In that instance the traffic could hinder you if the beach wedding location is to far from where you’re staying. Try to choose the location wisely in that respect.

How Far is the Reception After the Beach Wedding?

A beach wedding is only as good as the party afterwards! So, if the beach wedding location is to far away from where the reception party is set to start then there will be less time for partying.

What’s the Appropriate Beach Wedding Start Time?

The time you plan to start your beach wedding will be determined mainly on whether or not the beach wedding is taking place on the West Coast of Florida of the East Coast of Florida.

If you’re planning a West Coast wedding then chances are you probably want to take advantage of a sunset wedding. A sunset beach wedding will begin exactly one hour prior to the sun setting. This will allow for time to have a ceremony followed by sunset beach wedding photos afterwards. Sunset beach wedding photos are one of the highlights to having a west coast wedding. However, sunset will wait on no one! Therefore, it’s important to be on time.

If you want to have an East Coast beach wedding then you may want to start mid-morning to mid-evening (around 5-7pm depending on the time of the year). However, in either case, whether the wedding is on the West Coast or East Coast, you should try to avoid the hottest parts of the day (When the sun is directly overhead).

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