Beach Wedding Products

Popular Beach Wedding Product Suggestions For Your Florida Beach Wedding!

Every beach wedding is fun and exciting, and the products highlighted on this page make them better!

Check out the wonderful suggestions we have for your wedding on the beach!

Barefoot Beach Sandals – This is by far the most popular choice for brides & bridesmaids alike!

Bride Flip Flops – 9 out of 10 brides and bridesmaids wear flip flops to the beach! 

Beach Wedding Sunglasses – You are on the beach, and it’s Florida, you need some sunglasses to protect your eyes and tell the world it’s your Special Day!

Seashell Bridal Bouquets – A very popular choice among brides, because you can keep it after the wedding and it WON’T DIE!

Unity Sand Keepsakes – Although we provide a very small keepsake for unity sand, some couples like to bring along their very own. Maybe you will too!

Koozies – Personalize your beach wedding with a custom koozie for you & your guests! Makes a wonderful keepsake, and money well spent!

Bridal Hair Pieces – You already look good, but you will look even better with these hair pieces!

Beach Wedding Dresses – Order a wedding dress for your beach wedding

Men’s Beach Wedding Attire – Light, airy and looking sharp!