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Wedding Packages in Destin FL

Wedding Packages in Destin FL

Discover the Best Deals on Wedding Packages in Destin, FL

Finding the best deals on wedding packages in Destin, FL, doesn’t need to be hard. At least not from our prospective.

For years we have been advertising the lowest rates on Destin Beach Wedding Packages. In fact, in comparison to other companies offering Destin Beach Weddings, our clients save 15-20% on average.

Recently, we had a couple book on of our Destin Elopement Packages, and they we amazed to find out that we offered them more, for less than the quote they received prior to calling us.

Although, it was a shocker to the couple, it did not phase us at all. We intended it to be that way! 

We firmly believe that anyone should be able to afford the beauty of a beach wedding in Destin, regardless of how much or how little they money they have. 

We Are Staking Our Claim on Affordable Destin Beach Weddings

Our number one goal is to keep offering affordable beach weddings in Destin, Florida! We have set our eyes on the target, and will keep moving forward till we get there.

This is why it is important to do your due diligence prior to signing a Wedding Service Agreement, or making a deposit. 

Always compare apples to apples, and always keep your eye on the bottom line. If are paying more than our package prices, then you are paying to much! 

Never Hurts to Check 

Give us a call today, or submit the contact form on this page, and we will provide you with a free phone consultation. We will discuss your goals and visions and then let you know exactly what we can do.

It only takes about 10-15 minutes of your time. No obligation, just a brief call.

Regardless, you will be more educated on wedding packages in Destin, FL.

Destin Beach Weddings at John Beasley Park

John Beasley Park Beach Weddings in Fort Walton Beach

Destin Beach Weddings at John Beasley Beach Park

Each year, we helps many couples plan Destin Beach Weddings at John Beasley Beach Park. It is a wonderful location for any size beach wedding.

Plus, the beach park is right on the open Gulf waters and less commercialized than other Fort Walton and Destin beach wedding locations.

The park boarders United States Air Force property on one side. Thus, there is nothing in the view which makes for great beach wedding photography.

John Beasley Beach Highlights

  • The beach lines are wide enough to host any of our Destin Beach Wedding Packages.
  • There is plenty of parking for guests.
  • Public restrooms are on site, as well as showers to wash the sand off your body.
  • There are two large pavilions with picnic tables. 

Best Time To Have A Beach Wedding at John Beasley Beach Park

Destin beach weddings can be hosted at John Beasley Beach anytime between sunrise and sunset. However, we believe the best time to have a wedding on this site is mid-morning or sunset.

John Beasley Beach Wedding Permit

Although many Destin beach wedding companies will advertise a beach wedding permit fee at John Beasley, the truth is, there is not a fee for under 50 people. So, for those companies advertising differently – shame on you! 

Most Commonly Booked Wedding Package at John Beasley Beach

The most commonly booked beach wedding package for John Beasley Beach Park is the Simply Romantic Package. However, other Florida Beach Wedding Packages we offer are frequently booked for this location as well.


John Beasley Beach Park is a great location for couples desiring to have Destin beach weddings. It is easily accessible with plenty of parking and nestled with lots of beauty. 

Do not hesitate to book your beach wedding in Destin at this location!  

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Who said having a beach wedding in Destin had to be expensive? Not us! In fact, we feel that your wedding ceremony should be the most affordable part of your destination wedding!

Guess this philosophy has driven us to continue pushing the plow forward in offering the most affordable beach weddings in Destin Florida.

No, we aren’t offering cheap beach wedding packages (we don’t even like that word). Instead, we are offering affordability. Therefore, we are one of the most sought after companies when getting married in Destin, FL. 

Your beach wedding in Destin will cost you only a fraction of the national average cost for a wedding.

Need an idea of what that cost may be?

Let’s say you and your fiancé plan to elope to Destin, therefore it will just be the two of you getting married on the beach. Then your cost could be less than 1k!

However, lets say you want 20 family members and friends to tag along… Well, your cost is less that 2k. 

See how this works?

You pay us a small investment to have a beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach in Destin.

We Even Help With the Destin Beach Wedding Permit

Contrary to what other Destin beach wedding companies advertise, there are no wedding permits required for small weddings in Destin that are held on the beach.

However, when that need does arise, and a beach wedding permit must be obtained, we are here to help! Since we know the appropriate filing processes we will do the paperwork for you!

Book With Us Today

Why wait any longer? 

Contact us today and let’s get started planning your Destin beach wedding. We will make the process really easy and very simple. Exactly how a wedding on the beach in Florida should be!

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Christina & Joey’s Miramar Beach Wedding

Christina & Joey’s Miramar Beach Wedding!

Christina & Joey's Miramar Beach Wedding

Christina & Joey’s Miramar Beach Wedding, courtesy of LightHeart Photography

Christina & Joey contacted Florida Wedding Professionals within less than a month of their planned beach wedding in Destin, FL.

Although, this is a bit unusual, it’s not uncommon for this type of short notice request. Furthermore, we are prepared, so this was not an issue for us. We went right to work planning their Miramar Beach wedding.

The wedding was to be intimate, with only thirty guests at most, and maybe not that many. Therefore, we decided the Simply Romantic Package would be the best fit. At worst, they would need to add in fifteen chairs. Not a problem!

The couple went with our suggestion and booked their Miramar beach wedding package with only twenty-three days before go time! Talking about a quick Fort Walton Beach Elopement!

We went right to working planning the different elements of their wedding.

The couple wanted to incorporate a country sheik wedding feel, but on the beach. Therefore, we went with burlap sashes. Theses chair sashes are perfect for ushering in that country feel.

Then, to add to the country feel, the couple suggested we use mason jars. Well, we were heading that direction anyway, but they beat us to the punch, and that was okay.

We must say, the mason jars certainly did the trick. Because, this Miramar Beach wedding looked as if it was taken right out of the cornfield and placed on the beach.

Overall, we feel the panhandle beach wedding went great! Likewise, the couple felt the same, and left us a 5-Star review, thanking us for our assistance in planning their Miramar Beach wedding.

we were just as thankful, because we shared a beautiful wedding day experience with the two of them, as well as their beautiful family and friends.

See the complete wedding gallery (here)

Florida Wedding Packages for Two

Uncovering the Best Florida Wedding Packages for Two

Florida Wedding Packages for TwoSometimes the perfect wedding doesn’t require guests at all. Just the two of you (and the officiant, of course).

As Florida Wedding Professionals, we understand this concept, and that’s why we offer Florida wedding packages for two.

In planning weddings for two, we try to keep in mind the desires of most every couple searching for this type of wedding. Mostly, they want a small and intimate Florida wedding with an officiant and a photographer.

We offer just that in our Heart in the Sand Package, and the Intimate Bliss Package! Both packages are designed with the concept of two, as well as simplicity.

After all, you need to have as little stress as possible when planning to elope in Florida. We know that, so we provide those stress free options in these two packages (plus any we have, for all that matter).

Introducing the Best Florida Wedding Packages for Two

The Heart in the Sand Package is the smallest of the Florida beach elopement packages we offer. It comes with a Pre-designed heart shaped floral arrangement. in this setup there are mixtures of white, pink and red high quality silk flowers.

The setup comes as is, and can not be changed to reflect any one color. However, the current design is perfect for a small Florida wedding for two. Plus, it will match an array of colors! Therefore the wedding dress selection should be easy!

In addition to the setup, the package also includes a Florida Wedding Officiant. This is important, because without one it would be impossible to get married in Florida!

Finally, the wedding package includes a professional wedding photographer to take a some great photos as the wedding unfolds. During which time, we guarantee a minimum of 30 edited photos.

Starting at the modest price of only $995.00 (not including permit fee’s) make this one of our most booked Florida wedding packages for two.

However, nearly blowing that package out of the water is the Intimate Bliss Package. This deal includes a two post bamboo arch, a wedding officiant, an extra 30 minutes of photography, and the Florida Marriage License! Now, do you see the value of these Florida wedding packages for two?

All those great elements for only $1,395.00! Certainly worth the cost, especially considering the Florida marriage license comes with it!

We Offer the Best Deals on Florida Elopement Packages

Regardless of which Florida wedding packages for two you decide to book. The fact is, we will have the best deal for you! In fact, we save couples around $1,000.00 on average when they book their Florida wedding package with us!

We want to save you money as well!


Contact us today for a free consultation, and discover why couples choose us for their elopement packages for two in Florida!

Contact the Florida Wedding Professionals Today!

Destin Florida Beach Wedding

Megon & Theo’s Destin Florida Beach Wedding

Destin Florida Beach Wedding

Meagon & Theo’s Destin Florida Beach Wedding Experience

Megon made contact with us in early March, 2018 regarding a Destin Florida beach wedding. We were happy she did! Because we love the Destin and Fort Walton beach area. Especially, when it comes to weddings on the beach.

After the initial consultation Megon chose to book a beach wedding package with us. In fact she took advantage of the Heart in the Sand, which is one of our Destin elopement packages.

This pre-designed wedding package is a great deal for couples working with a smaller budget, or just wanting to keep it simple. This was exactly what Megon was looking for!

However, we have a problem keeping things simple on our end. See, we decided to throw in a few extras for her and her fiancé on their special day. Therefore, we added a bamboo aisle runner to the setup, a unity sand ceremony and videography.

All the extras we threw in the mix was a total value of $475.00. We did this to bless the couple. They were very appreciative of what we did for them. In fact, so much, that they left us a 5-Star review on Wedding Wire.

After the wedding ceremony, we had plenty of time to grab a few sunset photos. As always, they were phenomenal. I mean, let’s face it, what’s not to love about a Destin Florida beach wedding when you throw the sunset in the mix?


If you are like Megon and Tho, and searching for the best company providing Destin Florida Beach Weddings, then look no more! We are that company.

We promise to go above and beyond for you, just like we did for them.

Contact us today for your free wedding consultation by calling (813) 591-0913, or submitting the contact form on this page.

We are looking forward to sharing a special Destin Florida beach wedding moment with you!

Inexpensive Florida Wedding Packages

Inexpensive Florida Wedding Packages by Florida Wedding Professionals, LLC

Inexpensive Florida Wedding Packages

Inexpensive Florida Wedding Packages!

Choose from one of our pre-designed and inexpensive Florida wedding packages to save you the most amount of hassle and money. All of our wedding packages are affordable and easy to book with most of the planing complete.

Typically, every wedding package will include the wedding officiant, as well as the wedding photographer. Plus, a really nice setup and all the planning and coordination for the wedding ceremony.

Literally, we make it easy to get married in Florida! After all, our name says it all. We are the Florida Wedding Professionals!


We Cover More Locations Than Any Florida Wedding Company

Regardless if you want to elope to Cocoa Beach, or if want a Destin Florida beach wedding, we cover the entire State of Florida! In fact, we cover more territory than any other Florida wedding company.

As a result, we are able to offer our inexpensive Florida wedding packages to you in Destin the same as we can in Fort Lauderdale. No strings attached. No hidden fees. Plus, no travel fees!

A company who charges travel fees to a location is either out to nickel and dime you, or they are not really a local company in the area of your Florida beach wedding. Find another provider… Like us! We don’t charge extra, because we really do expand the state with service locations.

Small Budget Florida Wedding Packages – Not a Problem

If your concern is finding places to get married in Florida on a budget, then we have you covered there too! Here is how we do it…

First, we look at your over all wedding ceremony budget. At that time, we determine if you have the appropriate funds in your budget to have the location at a beach which requires a wedding permit. If not, we suggest free locations. If so, we still suggest free locations!

Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s just what we do… we leave no stone unturned in our effort to offer inexpensive Florida wedding packages. Cutting out the need to spend money for a beach wedding location is one of the ways we drive down the cost.

Believe it or not, some beaches in the State of Florida charge you $200-300 just to stand on the sand and say, “I do.” That’s a lot of money! Money you need to keep in your pocket.

After we determine the location budget, we move right on to determining the most suitable wedding packages for your event. We offer suggestions on the basis of number of wedding guests, setup goals and a few other things.

By the time everything is said and done, you have accomplished the task of saving money and stress by booking with us.

We Know the Best Beach Wedding Locations in Florida

No need to worry about whether or not we understand ceremony sites. We know the best beach wedding locations in Florida.

Our years of service to the Florida beach wedding industry has given us a huge working knowledge of the layout of the beaches, the best time of year to use particular locations, parking and restroom accommodations, and a whole lot more!

Regardless if you’re searching for large or small beach wedding packages, we have the wedding site that’s perfect for you!

Spotlight Wedding Package for Budget Friendly Weddings in Florida

Because we are the best at planning Florida beach weddings on a budget, we already have a package waiting for you. It’s the Intimate Bliss Package. This is one of our most popular inexpensive Florida wedding packages. It includes:

  • A Very Nice & Well Constructed 2-Post Bamboo Wedding Arch.
  • Organza Fabric to Decorate the Arch With A Choice of Our In-Stock Color Selections.
  • 1 Aisle Way Decoration of Your Choice From Our In-Stock Selections (rose petals not included) (Additional $50.00).
  • A Choice of Pre-designed Silk Flowers for the Bamboo Wedding Arch.
  • Unlimited Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support.
  • Wedding Officiant to Perform the Pre-drafted Wedding Ceremony ($50.00 credit for your own officiant).
  • 1 Pick of One of Our Pre-Drafted Wedding Ceremonies (or you supply your own).
  • 1 Hour of Photography (guarantee a minimum of 100 edited photos) ($100.00 credit for your own photographer).
  • Full Copyrights to Edited JPEG Photos.
  • Photos Delivered in High Resolution and Low Resolution Format Via Downloadable Link.
  • All Ceremony Planning and Wedding Package Coordination.
  • The State of Florida Marriage License ($86.00 credit for your own Florida Marriage License).
  • Filing of the State of Florida Marriage License
  • One Recorded Copy of the State of Florida Marriage License (unless providing your own, then no copy provided).

Although this Florida wedding package does not include seats, you can add them for $5.00 per chair. This is why the Intimate Bliss package is one of our budget friendly offers. People trying to save money will ad the chairs for guests.

As an example, If you have twenty guests attending. The extra chair cost is $200.00. Your total package is $1,245.00. Not a bad deal at all when truing to find inexpensive Florida wedding packages.


We are the company to contact when searching for inexpensive Florida wedding packages. We will save you a lot of money, and some aggravation and stress. Our wedding packages already include what you need for a ceremony on the beach.

No planning on your end is needed. For the most part, you tell us the colors, and sign a paper for the payment, then show up to the beach wedding of your dreams!

You owe it to your wedding budget to give us a call at (813) 591-0913.

Contact the Florida Wedding Professionals Today!

Jacksonville Beach Elopement

We Can Provide You With A Beautiful Jacksonville Beach Elopement!

Jacksonville beach elopement

Have an Amazing Jacksonville Beach Elopement!

Have an amazing Jacksonville beach elopement when working with us! Not only will we make the experience memorable, but we will save you money as well! A combination of the beach, a beautiful setup and extra money in the bank is sure to bring out the smile.

Every year, we provide hundreds of Jacksonville beach weddings and elopement packages. And every year we hear the same thing… Thank you!

This is what we strive for when providing services for a couples Jacksonville beach elopement ceremony. We want to hear the excitement as you wave to us goodbye, and head off to your honeymoon. Then, we know we’ve done a successful job.

We Have A Beach Wedding Package For Any Budget

No matter how big or small your budget is, we have a wedding package to fit your need. Ranging in cost from $600 – $2,650, there is a Jacksonville beach elopement package just right for you, and ready to choose.

That’s right, we have taken all the hard work out of the planning. We have included a wedding officiant in every elopement package, as well as a professional photographer to take pictures.

Plus, there is a setup design with every offer. Ranging from a Heart in the Sand to a Seashore Enchantment package. Surely, you will discover the right fit for you. However, if not, then we will customize a Florida wedding package just for you!

Jacksonville Beach Elopement Locations

We know all the best places to elope in Jacksonville, FL. In fact, our favorite wedding location is at 429 1st. St. South, Jacksonville Beach, FL.

At this location, there’s a park right beside the parking lot. Plus some really nice sand dunes to snap some excellent pictures beside.

The kicker to this is the location doesn’t require a beach wedding permit. So, there’s no added cost, the package price is the total amount you will pay.


If you want to have a beach wedding in Jacksonville Beach, FL, then we are the company to call! We have the experience you need, the high quality supplies and the most excellent customer service there is.

Contact us direct at (813) 591-0913, or submit the contact form on this page.

Looking forward to making your beach wedding elopement a magical experience!

Contact the Florida Wedding Professionals Today!

Fort Walton Beach Elopement

Book Your Fort Walton Beach Elopement With US!

Fort Walton Beach Elopement

Enjoy a Breathtaking Sunset When We Plan Your Fort Walton Beach Elopement

Every year we have the opportunity to plan several elopements. Truly, we are experts at these small weddings, and invite you to book your Fort Walton Beach elopement with us.

When partnering with us are your wedding planner in Ft. Walton, we will work hard to ensure your beach wedding elopement doesn’t cost you an arm, a leg and three feet!

We do this by offering the best Pre-designed wedding package deals. That’s right, everything you need for the elopement of your dreams at your finger tips. The wedding officiant, a photographer to capture the moment, and a small wedding setup with some beach wedding decorations too!

Heck, we even make it so simple, we can take care of the Florida Marriage License for you as well. Plain and simple, we make booking a Fort Walton Beach elopement as hassle free as possible.

Furthermore, we make it affordable too!

We Offer The Best Fort Walton Beach Elopement Prices

Starting at only $600.00, we offer some of the best deals on Fort Walton Beach elopement packages.

In comparison to other competitors the average cost is around $1,500.00. As you can see, we are less than half the cost. However, still packing a punch with our offer which includes:

  • A pre-designed heart shape floral design for the sand.
  • A raked outline around the heart to dress things up a bit.
  • The wedding officiant to perform one of our pre-designed wedding ceremonies.
  • 30 minutes of wedding photography

Not bad, right? You bet that’s not a bad offer for a Fort Walton beach elopement!

Our Promise to You

Regardless of what wedding package you deciding when searching for Fort Walton Beach weddings and elopements, we promise to be the best at providing customer service, quality and affordability.

Contact us today at (813) 591-0913 to find out how we can make your beach elopement a breeze! Or, submit the contact form on this page.

Contact the Florida Wedding Professionals Today!

Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget

5 Must Know’s About Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget

Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget

We Offer The Best Deals to Couples in Search of Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget!

The majority of every couple wanting to have a destination wedding is searching for Florida beach weddings on a budget. At least that’s what the numbers tell us people who watch search quires on Google.

If you are one of those individuals beach for beach wedding ideas that are budget friendly, then there’s some things you need to know before booking a beach wedding package.

Our intent is to make you aware of those important factors for booking beach weddings.

What’s Included in the Wedding Package?

We hear about it all the time. People sign up for a Florida beach wedding package that was suppose to be budget friendly and discover it’s costly!

Recently, we heard of a couple who booked their wedding package with another company expecting to receive all their wedding pictures taken, but didn’t. Turns out, the wedding company only provided them with 30 pictures at no charge, and they had to purchases any additional.

Wow! That is a rip off! Especially, considering our Florida wedding packages that include photography comes with 100 edited photos.

this example is a big reason why you need to have a clear understanding of what is include by those companies offering Florida beach weddings on a budget. Because, it might turn out to be way over budget!

Are there Any Hidden Fee’s?

Yep, what may seem to be the bottom line for most Florida beach weddings on a budget might only be the start.

As an example, what if the location you choose requires a beach wedding permit, will that be included. Or, better yet, are there additional charges for booking the permit on your behalf?

We are clear to point out in our beach wedding packages that none of them include the beach wedding permit. Because, not every location requires one. Yet, the span in cost is significant in some cases. Therefore, it’s hard to include those costs into the pre-designed Florida wedding packages.

However, what we never do is charge additional for the permit! This is where some companies get you! What would cost you $100.00 to file on your own, the wedding company is charging you $150.00 for.

This is important information to know when searching for providers of Florida weddings.

What Are The Cancellation Fee’s?

Most cancellations will cost you, especially when working with the wrong beach wedding company.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a no risk, 14-day cancellation period for any wedding package you book with us. Therefore, if after booking the wedding package you find out it’s not going to work. Then no harm, no foul! We give you your money back.

The same thing isn’t true with other companies. The minute you book the package and they run your card, you lost it all! Plus, in extreme cases, they charge you above the refund amount. Just like a bunch of crooks would do!

Will Someone From the Company Be At the Beach?

This is a big one, and we can’t figure out why. However, there are several wedding companies offering beach wedding packages that only send the vendors to the beach. And by vendors, we mean people who are sub-contractors of the company and not directly employed by the company.

This is horrible! Someone who works directly for the wedding company should be on site. This guarantees things happen the way they are suppose to happen.

Don’t fall victim to hiring a beach wedding company who only sub contracts everything!

Is the Company Reviewed on Google, Wedding Wire, the Knot, Etc?

Next to paying more for your beach wedding package, the next mistake is hiring a less than qualified beach wedding company.

Make sure you research the companies credibility though website like Wedding Wire, the Knot and Google reviews. All of those platforms are great form hosting verified and proven real life dealings with the company you are considering book your florida wedding package with.

A quick 10-15 minutes of research and reading some reviews might save you big time!


It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into when booking a beach wedding in Florida. It pays to read up on things and do a little research yourself. However, the main thing is to make sure you know what you’re signing up for!

Contact the Florida Wedding Professionals Today!