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Getting Married in Pensacola Beach

Things to Know About Getting Married in Pensacola Beach

There are some thing you need to know about getting married in Pensacola Beach. Things that we are going to help you understand.

Getting Married in Pensacola Beach

We have planned and performed several Pensacola Beach weddings successfully. From extravagant affairs to cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages, we have done it all when it comes to beach weddings in this area. Therefore we know a few things that would be of benefit for you!

A Pensacola Beach Wedding Permit is Not Required For Most Locations

With the exception of two locations, there are no requirements for obtaining a Pensacola Beach Wedding Permit.

This is a huge must know, as there are some Pensacola beach wedding companies who charge for a permit. A permit that isn’t required in most every spot on the beach.

Sadly, this could cost you about $100 -$150.00 is added expenses. Depending on how dishonest the wedding company is providing you with the quote.

You Should Be Able To Have A Pensacola Elopement For Around 1.5K or Less

There is no reason getting married in Pensacola Beach should cost you more than 3k. Especially, if you are looking for something more like a Pensacola Beach elopement offer.

On average, an elopement package should be around the neighborhood of 1 – 1.5k. If you are paying more than that for a small beach wedding in Pensacola, FL, then something is wrong.

For us, the Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages we would suggest would be the Heart in the Sand or the Intimate Bliss. 

There’s No Such Thing As An All Inclusive Wedding Package

Pensacola all inclusive wedding packages do not exist. Really, they don’t!

To be a true all inclusive option everything would need to be included. From flights to hotel accommodations. The officiating and photography. All the decorations. The marriage license, etc. All of it.

Well, the reality is, no one company provides all these services for beach weddings in Florida.

Be sure to know what it is exactly you are receiving. 

For us, the following would be provided:

A setup with decorations, officiating, photography, the State of Florida Marriage License by Mail Service, and all the wedding package coordination and planning.

Have More Questions or Curiosities About Getting Married in Pensacola Beach?

Do you have more questions? We have the answers! Contact us today! 

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Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola FL

Have a Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola FL, and Never Look Back! 


Sure, you could get married in a church, or at a golf course. Maybe even a hotel or resort. But, will that be fun and exciting?

Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola FL

Ok, maybe that’s not a fair question, because I’m sure there are some fun elements to those type of weddings. Just not a many fun elements as a small beach wedding in Pensacola, FL!

Here’s why…

Pensacola Beach Weddings are fun because they are different. They happen on the beach, and who doesn’t like the beach? 

Well, no one who is normal dislikes the beach. At least, that’s how we see it.

Anyway, there are some benefits to planning a small beach wedding. Like, for example, the stress level is way different. The cost is more affordable. You get to have a wedding while digging your toes in the sand. And, best of all, you can dive right into the ocean and trash the dress if you wish! 

There’s Less Stress Involved When Getting Married in Pensacola Beach FL

We make it that way.


By packaging everything you need for a beach wedding ceremony. This is key to reliving the stress from your life when planning a beach wedding in Florida.

No need to worry about hiring multiple vendors for your destination wedding. You hire us, and we take care of dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s.” You just set back and relax while we take care of officiating the wedding, providing the awesome photography services, setting up the wedding and decorating. Oh, and taking care of your Florida Marriage License, too!

All of these things are fit into one package price. In fact, the most affordable Pensacola Beach wedding packages in the area!

The Cost of A Pensacola Beach Wedding is Affordable

The cost of a small beach wedding in Pensacola FL is so affordable, you can probably find the money in one of your kids piggy banks!

Ok, maybe the cost isn’t that cheap, but when you compare it to the average cost of a wedding, you can see the difference.

As an example, our Pensacola elopement packages include the Heart in the Sand Package and the Intimate Bliss Package.

Either of these packages have you spending less than 2k for a wedding on the beach in Pensacola.

You Will Live Longer When Getting Married on the Beach

Ok, so maybe that statement isn’t completely true. However, it is a proven fact that people who love to go to the beach tend to live longer and more happy lives. 

Hey, and who knows, maybe the marriage even lasts longer!

Why not test the theory? Get married on the beach with us!

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Lacey & Ryan’s Pensacola Beach Wedding

Lacey & Ryan’s Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola, FL

Small Beach Wedding in Pensacola Beach, FL

Having a wedding on the beach in Pensacola Beach, Florida is a blast!

We absolutely love this place! Out of all the beaches we service in Florida, Pensacola Beach is one of the top picks of the Emerald Coast. That is, if you know the right places to have the wedding.

The beach wedding locations we use for our Pensacola Beach weddings are more like “local’s only” beaches. Thus the crowds are never to outrageous! 

This is exactly what Lacey & Ryan discovered in September.

We Look Out for Our Couples Getting Married on the Beach! 

Upon arriving to the pre-scheduled beach wedding location (by the pier), we determined the location was heavily crowded.

Typically, there are more people hanging out at this spot on the beach than others. However, this time there where about double the people.

What did we do?

We called the bride and moved the location of the beach wedding to a spot we knew would be great in Pensacola Beach, FL.

Guess this comes with knowing the area and being on top of the beach weddings in Florida game! 

The Couple was all about moving.

We Moved the Wedding to a More Private Beach Wedding Venue

Knowing the beaches of Pensacola Beach, FL, really helps. Especially, when trying to move a couple to an area of the shoreline that will best fit their beach wedding needs. Therefore, we moved the couple to a location off of Fort Pickens Rd.

This spot is great having a Pensacola Beach Wedding! 

In fact, it was as if there were no other people on the planet.

As a result, Lacy & Ryan had a great wedding on the beach with us! 

Contact Us About You Pensacola Beach Wedding Package today! 

Regardless of whether you want a large beach wedding, or searching for small Pensacola Elopement Packages, we are here to provide you with the best in the industry!

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Cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages

Did Someone Say, “Cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages?”

Yes. You did read that correctly! No need to freak out. We did use the word “cheap”, when referring to Pensacola Beach wedding packages.

Cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages

Although, our Pensacola Beach Weddings are far from cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages! That is, if you have the wrong understanding of the implied word.

We believe the word “cheap” can have a positive energy. Rather than, all the negative. However, the problem is most have been taught their whole life that cheap was bad. 


Remember the older generation saying, “you get what you pay for. Therefore, If you buy something cheap it won’t last long.”

Yet, maybe they were right, but maybe they weren’t

Consequently, It’s a matter of changing your view of the issue. As well as understanding the word cheap in this example doesn’t compromise quality! 

Understand What We Mean by Saying, “Cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages”

Our Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages are budget friendly. And, budget friendly should not be confused with anything negative. As, it only refers to some money saving offers!

Our wedding packages, as well as Pensacola elopement packages are not less expensive because we take less time, or use less quality equipment. However, we have become great at focusing on one target. Thus, we focus on your beach wedding ceremony! 

As a result, we do not handle the planning of wedding receptions, catering, alcohol, wedding cakes, etc. Rather, we only focus on the ceremony portion of your day!

This makes it easy and less stressful for you when planning a destination wedding on the beach in Pensacola Beach, FL.

So, Are You Ready to Book a Cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Package?

First of all, are you are ready to have an amazing Pensacola Beach wedding experience? And, you are ready to have it with one of the most trusted providers of Pensacola Beach Weddings? Well, contact us now!

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Are You And Your Fiancé A Good Fit For A Beach Wedding?

Do You Fit the Model For A Wedding on the Beach?

Wedding on the Beach

As ironic as it may sound, this is a question you need to ask.

Why? Because a beach wedding is not for everyone!

In fact, if you or your fiancé, do not fall into the category of certain characteristics, then chances are you will be sitting yourself up for a bad experience.

This experience will not only affect you, but the company providing the wedding on the beach as well.

The overall experience will lead to you feeling as though your desires were not met. This may lead to a negative review, or some really twisted emotional feedback in an overwhelmingly negative light.

Why chance this, when all you need to do is ask yourself if you and your fiancé are a model couple for a wedding on the beach?

As one of the leading provider of Florida Destination Weddings, we know a lot about this subject.

Providing thousands of beach weddings in Florida, we have discovered some characteristic qualities for couples booking a beach wedding who will enjoy the moment!

Your Personality Plays A Huge Factor in Having a Wedding on the Beach

That’s right, personality is big.

What personality type do you and your fiancé have?

According to a quick Google definition search, a personality is a combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.

In a nutshell, your personality type is going to play a huge role in the overall experience. The way you take in the moment, as well as the way you reflect on the moment afterwards.

Having said that, in our experience, the personality characteristics that a large majority of past couples had are: 

Low Maintenance

Most of our previous brides and grooms required little maintenance (from a planning perspective). We were able to send them an email with a few attachments, a link to choose beach wedding decorations and music, and they did.

No going back and forth over the phone, unnecessary in office visits, or hundreds of emails about the color of the fabric and the light in which it was being displayed.

It was a simple experience. More less they said… “we like this color, we like that aisle way decoration, and decorate it as you wish, or see fit, as long as those elements are included.”

Very simple. As it should be with a beach wedding. 

Most couples fitting the model for a wedding on the beach are not focused driven on the finer details of the day. In fact, in many ways those exact details begin the overwhelm them in some ways. Mainly, they want something nice and simple, but beautiful.

Simplicity was the key.


Most of our previous couples loved being out of the house and in the open outdoors. Very energetic from the sense of getting out and enjoying life. 

A beach wedding is an adventurous experience. It’s nothing like having a wedding inside of a controlled environment like a wedding chapel or a church.

At any time there could be a change in the atmosphere ushering in a rain storm that may result in a slight delay of the starting time or the need to move the wedding under a covered pavilion. 

People who enjoy adventures typically have no problems with those types of possibilities. In fact, their outlook is, each minute they live creates an opportunity to do something different or live outside the box.

Laid Back

Most of the couples we have worked with in the past were very laid back. This is a great characteristic of someone signing up for a beach wedding! 

Keep in mind, there are some things that are outside the scope of control when planning a beach wedding. Therefore, a laid back personality really helps ease the stress of whatever it may be that arises.

As an example, recently we had a wedding on the beach in Panama City that was scheduled to start at 6:15pm. Just before the start of the wedding a massive storm popped up out of nowhere. In fact, the radar showed clear skies with no rain in site. But that wasn’t the case! 

The couple was laid back about it, so we let the storm blow over, then got down to business.

Happy on a Budget

One of the benefits to having a wedding on the beach is the budget. That’s right, it saves you money when you get married on the beach. Therefore, the affordable option is great for couples who have the personality.

However, it’s important to remember, it is a budget wedding. So, if you are expecting to have a $20,000.00 wedding on a 2k budget, then you are going to be sadly mistaken. That’s like having champagne taste on a beer budget – It just doesn’t happen.

The expectations of couples who book an affordable beach wedding should be different from the set expectations they may have if they were booking a wedding at the Bonnet Island Estate.

However, you can still have a beautiful wedding on a budget, and because of that, the couples who enjoy beach weddings the most are couples who are willing to be happy on a budget.

Able to Leave Work at the Office

Couples who enjoy a beach wedding are typically individuals who are able to separate themselves from personal time and office time. Although it’s not a bad thing to be passionate about work, it can get in the way of the overall experience of a beach wedding.

People who struggle with this concept typically fall into a “Type A Personality.” Although that’s not an automatic disqualifier, it is something to consider when booking a wedding on the beach!

No Problem With Sand Turning Up in Weird Places

If you can’t take the sand, then get off the beach. As one would expect, sand is going to turn up in the most strangest places. If this bothers you, then a beach wedding is not for you.

Grateful for the Little Things

Couples who we have worked with in the past have overwhelmingly had the characteristic of grateful individuals! They were happy for the little things in life.

As a result, we were able to please the couples in many ways. Typically, by adding in a few extra flowers unexpectedly, or doing a surprise bouquet, we were able to really up the experience for the couple. Thus providing them with a few small things that they were extremely grateful for receiving.

The Moment of Truth

If you are an individual who is outgoing, adventurous, require little maintenance and appreciate the little things in life, then you are a great fit for booking a beach wedding! However, if you’re still not sure, then answer the following questions honestly:

Do you typically feel overly stressed on a regular basis?

Are you able to cope with a change of plans easily, or do you need exacts at all times?

Can you be comfortable with down time and disconnect in order to relax?

Are you comfortable with sand turning up in strange places?

Answering these questions honestly will help you better determine if a beach wedding is right for you, and if you feel that it is, then we encourage you to contact us today! 

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Wedding Packages in Destin FL

Wedding Packages in Destin FL

Discover the Best Deals on Wedding Packages in Destin, FL

Finding the best deals on wedding packages in Destin, FL, doesn’t need to be hard. At least not from our prospective.

For years we have been advertising the lowest rates on Destin Beach Wedding Packages. In fact, in comparison to other companies offering Destin Beach Weddings, our clients save 15-20% on average.

Recently, we had a couple book on of our Destin Elopement Packages, and they we amazed to find out that we offered them more, for less than the quote they received prior to calling us.

Although, it was a shocker to the couple, it did not phase us at all. We intended it to be that way! 

We firmly believe that anyone should be able to afford the beauty of a beach wedding in Destin, regardless of how much or how little they money they have. 

We Are Staking Our Claim on Affordable Destin Beach Weddings

Our number one goal is to keep offering affordable beach weddings in Destin, Florida! We have set our eyes on the target, and will keep moving forward till we get there.

This is why it is important to do your due diligence prior to signing a Wedding Service Agreement, or making a deposit. 

Always compare apples to apples, and always keep your eye on the bottom line. If are paying more than our package prices, then you are paying to much! 

Never Hurts to Check 

Give us a call today, or submit the contact form on this page, and we will provide you with a free phone consultation. We will discuss your goals and visions and then let you know exactly what we can do.

It only takes about 10-15 minutes of your time. No obligation, just a brief call.

Regardless, you will be more educated on wedding packages in Destin, FL.

Destin Beach Weddings at John Beasley Park

John Beasley Park Beach Weddings in Fort Walton Beach

Destin Beach Weddings at John Beasley Beach Park

Each year, we helps many couples plan Destin Beach Weddings at John Beasley Beach Park. It is a wonderful location for any size beach wedding.

Plus, the beach park is right on the open Gulf waters and less commercialized than other Fort Walton and Destin beach wedding locations.

The park boarders United States Air Force property on one side. Thus, there is nothing in the view which makes for great beach wedding photography.

John Beasley Beach Highlights

  • The beach lines are wide enough to host any of our Destin Beach Wedding Packages.
  • There is plenty of parking for guests.
  • Public restrooms are on site, as well as showers to wash the sand off your body.
  • There are two large pavilions with picnic tables. 

Best Time To Have A Beach Wedding at John Beasley Beach Park

Destin beach weddings can be hosted at John Beasley Beach anytime between sunrise and sunset. However, we believe the best time to have a wedding on this site is mid-morning or sunset.

John Beasley Beach Wedding Permit

Although many Destin beach wedding companies will advertise a beach wedding permit fee at John Beasley, the truth is, there is not a fee for under 50 people. So, for those companies advertising differently – shame on you! 

Most Commonly Booked Wedding Package at John Beasley Beach

The most commonly booked beach wedding package for John Beasley Beach Park is the Simply Romantic Package. However, other Florida Beach Wedding Packages we offer are frequently booked for this location as well.


John Beasley Beach Park is a great location for couples desiring to have Destin beach weddings. It is easily accessible with plenty of parking and nestled with lots of beauty. 

Do not hesitate to book your beach wedding in Destin at this location!  

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Who said having a beach wedding in Destin had to be expensive? Not us! In fact, we feel that your wedding ceremony should be the most affordable part of your destination wedding!

Guess this philosophy has driven us to continue pushing the plow forward in offering the most affordable beach weddings in Destin Florida.

No, we aren’t offering cheap beach wedding packages (we don’t even like that word). Instead, we are offering affordability. Therefore, we are one of the most sought after companies when getting married in Destin, FL. 

Your beach wedding in Destin will cost you only a fraction of the national average cost for a wedding.

Need an idea of what that cost may be?

Let’s say you and your fiancé plan to elope to Destin, therefore it will just be the two of you getting married on the beach. Then your cost could be less than 1k!

However, lets say you want 20 family members and friends to tag along… Well, your cost is less that 2k. 

See how this works?

You pay us a small investment to have a beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach in Destin.

We Even Help With the Destin Beach Wedding Permit

Contrary to what other Destin beach wedding companies advertise, there are no wedding permits required for small weddings in Destin that are held on the beach.

However, when that need does arise, and a beach wedding permit must be obtained, we are here to help! Since we know the appropriate filing processes we will do the paperwork for you!

Book With Us Today

Why wait any longer? 

Contact us today and let’s get started planning your Destin beach wedding. We will make the process really easy and very simple. Exactly how a wedding on the beach in Florida should be!

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Christina & Joey’s Miramar Beach Wedding

Christina & Joey’s Miramar Beach Wedding!

Christina & Joey's Miramar Beach Wedding

Christina & Joey’s Miramar Beach Wedding, courtesy of LightHeart Photography

Christina & Joey contacted Florida Wedding Professionals within less than a month of their planned beach wedding in Destin, FL.

Although, this is a bit unusual, it’s not uncommon for this type of short notice request. Furthermore, we are prepared, so this was not an issue for us. We went right to work planning their Miramar Beach wedding.

The wedding was to be intimate, with only thirty guests at most, and maybe not that many. Therefore, we decided the Simply Romantic Package would be the best fit. At worst, they would need to add in fifteen chairs. Not a problem!

The couple went with our suggestion and booked their Miramar beach wedding package with only twenty-three days before go time! Talking about a quick Fort Walton Beach Elopement!

We went right to working planning the different elements of their wedding.

The couple wanted to incorporate a country sheik wedding feel, but on the beach. Therefore, we went with burlap sashes. Theses chair sashes are perfect for ushering in that country feel.

Then, to add to the country feel, the couple suggested we use mason jars. Well, we were heading that direction anyway, but they beat us to the punch, and that was okay.

We must say, the mason jars certainly did the trick. Because, this Miramar Beach wedding looked as if it was taken right out of the cornfield and placed on the beach.

Overall, we feel the panhandle beach wedding went great! Likewise, the couple felt the same, and left us a 5-Star review, thanking us for our assistance in planning their Miramar Beach wedding.

we were just as thankful, because we shared a beautiful wedding day experience with the two of them, as well as their beautiful family and friends.

See the complete wedding gallery (here)

Florida Wedding Packages for Two

Uncovering the Best Florida Wedding Packages for Two

Florida Wedding Packages for TwoSometimes the perfect wedding doesn’t require guests at all. Just the two of you (and the officiant, of course).

As Florida Wedding Professionals, we understand this concept, and that’s why we offer Florida wedding packages for two.

In planning weddings for two, we try to keep in mind the desires of most every couple searching for this type of wedding. Mostly, they want a small and intimate Florida wedding with an officiant and a photographer.

We offer just that in our Heart in the Sand Package, and the Intimate Bliss Package! Both packages are designed with the concept of two, as well as simplicity.

After all, you need to have as little stress as possible when planning to elope in Florida. We know that, so we provide those stress free options in these two packages (plus any we have, for all that matter).

Introducing the Best Florida Wedding Packages for Two

The Heart in the Sand Package is the smallest of the Florida beach elopement packages we offer. It comes with a Pre-designed heart shaped floral arrangement. in this setup there are mixtures of white, pink and red high quality silk flowers.

The setup comes as is, and can not be changed to reflect any one color. However, the current design is perfect for a small Florida wedding for two. Plus, it will match an array of colors! Therefore the wedding dress selection should be easy!

In addition to the setup, the package also includes a Florida Wedding Officiant. This is important, because without one it would be impossible to get married in Florida!

Finally, the wedding package includes a professional wedding photographer to take a some great photos as the wedding unfolds. During which time, we guarantee a minimum of 30 edited photos.

Starting at the modest price of only $995.00 (not including permit fee’s) make this one of our most booked Florida wedding packages for two.

However, nearly blowing that package out of the water is the Intimate Bliss Package. This deal includes a two post bamboo arch, a wedding officiant, an extra 30 minutes of photography, and the Florida Marriage License! Now, do you see the value of these Florida wedding packages for two?

All those great elements for only $1,395.00! Certainly worth the cost, especially considering the Florida marriage license comes with it!

We Offer the Best Deals on Florida Elopement Packages

Regardless of which Florida wedding packages for two you decide to book. The fact is, we will have the best deal for you! In fact, we save couples around $1,000.00 on average when they book their Florida wedding package with us!

We want to save you money as well!


Contact us today for a free consultation, and discover why couples choose us for their elopement packages for two in Florida!

Contact the Florida Wedding Professionals Today!