Are You And Your Fiancé A Good Fit For A Beach Wedding?

Do You Fit the Model For A Wedding on the Beach?

Wedding on the Beach

As ironic as it may sound, this is a question you need to ask.

Why? Because a beach wedding is not for everyone!

In fact, if you or your fiancé, do not fall into the category of certain characteristics, then chances are you will be sitting yourself up for a bad experience.

This experience will not only affect you, but the company providing the wedding on the beach as well.

The overall experience will lead to you feeling as though your desires were not met. This may lead to a negative review, or some really twisted emotional feedback in an overwhelmingly negative light.

Why chance this, when all you need to do is ask yourself if you and your fiancé are a model couple for a wedding on the beach?

As one of the leading provider of Florida Destination Weddings, we know a lot about this subject.

Providing thousands of beach weddings in Florida, we have discovered some characteristic qualities for couples booking a beach wedding who will enjoy the moment!

Your Personality Plays A Huge Factor in Having a Wedding on the Beach

That’s right, personality is big.

What personality type do you and your fiancé have?

According to a quick Google definition search, a personality is a combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.

In a nutshell, your personality type is going to play a huge role in the overall experience. The way you take in the moment, as well as the way you reflect on the moment afterwards.

Having said that, in our experience, the personality characteristics that a large majority of past couples had are: 

Low Maintenance

Most of our previous brides and grooms required little maintenance (from a planning perspective). We were able to send them an email with a few attachments, a link to choose beach wedding decorations and music, and they did.

No going back and forth over the phone, unnecessary in office visits, or hundreds of emails about the color of the fabric and the light in which it was being displayed.

It was a simple experience. More less they said… “we like this color, we like that aisle way decoration, and decorate it as you wish, or see fit, as long as those elements are included.”

Very simple. As it should be with a beach wedding. 

Most couples fitting the model for a wedding on the beach are not focused driven on the finer details of the day. In fact, in many ways those exact details begin the overwhelm them in some ways. Mainly, they want something nice and simple, but beautiful.

Simplicity was the key.


Most of our previous couples loved being out of the house and in the open outdoors. Very energetic from the sense of getting out and enjoying life. 

A beach wedding is an adventurous experience. It’s nothing like having a wedding inside of a controlled environment like a wedding chapel or a church.

At any time there could be a change in the atmosphere ushering in a rain storm that may result in a slight delay of the starting time or the need to move the wedding under a covered pavilion. 

People who enjoy adventures typically have no problems with those types of possibilities. In fact, their outlook is, each minute they live creates an opportunity to do something different or live outside the box.

Laid Back

Most of the couples we have worked with in the past were very laid back. This is a great characteristic of someone signing up for a beach wedding! 

Keep in mind, there are some things that are outside the scope of control when planning a beach wedding. Therefore, a laid back personality really helps ease the stress of whatever it may be that arises.

As an example, recently we had a wedding on the beach in Panama City that was scheduled to start at 6:15pm. Just before the start of the wedding a massive storm popped up out of nowhere. In fact, the radar showed clear skies with no rain in site. But that wasn’t the case! 

The couple was laid back about it, so we let the storm blow over, then got down to business.

Happy on a Budget

One of the benefits to having a wedding on the beach is the budget. That’s right, it saves you money when you get married on the beach. Therefore, the affordable option is great for couples who have the personality.

However, it’s important to remember, it is a budget wedding. So, if you are expecting to have a $20,000.00 wedding on a 2k budget, then you are going to be sadly mistaken. That’s like having champagne taste on a beer budget – It just doesn’t happen.

The expectations of couples who book an affordable beach wedding should be different from the set expectations they may have if they were booking a wedding at the Bonnet Island Estate.

However, you can still have a beautiful wedding on a budget, and because of that, the couples who enjoy beach weddings the most are couples who are willing to be happy on a budget.

Able to Leave Work at the Office

Couples who enjoy a beach wedding are typically individuals who are able to separate themselves from personal time and office time. Although it’s not a bad thing to be passionate about work, it can get in the way of the overall experience of a beach wedding.

People who struggle with this concept typically fall into a “Type A Personality.” Although that’s not an automatic disqualifier, it is something to consider when booking a wedding on the beach!

No Problem With Sand Turning Up in Weird Places

If you can’t take the sand, then get off the beach. As one would expect, sand is going to turn up in the most strangest places. If this bothers you, then a beach wedding is not for you.

Grateful for the Little Things

Couples who we have worked with in the past have overwhelmingly had the characteristic of grateful individuals! They were happy for the little things in life.

As a result, we were able to please the couples in many ways. Typically, by adding in a few extra flowers unexpectedly, or doing a surprise bouquet, we were able to really up the experience for the couple. Thus providing them with a few small things that they were extremely grateful for receiving.

The Moment of Truth

If you are an individual who is outgoing, adventurous, require little maintenance and appreciate the little things in life, then you are a great fit for booking a beach wedding! However, if you’re still not sure, then answer the following questions honestly:

Do you typically feel overly stressed on a regular basis?

Are you able to cope with a change of plans easily, or do you need exacts at all times?

Can you be comfortable with down time and disconnect in order to relax?

Are you comfortable with sand turning up in strange places?

Answering these questions honestly will help you better determine if a beach wedding is right for you, and if you feel that it is, then we encourage you to contact us today! 

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