Amelia Island Beach Weddings

Amelia Island Beach Weddings

Amelia Island Beach Weddings

Not far across the state line, and nestled on the East Coast of Florida there is a beautiful place for a beach wedding getaway – Amelia Island. Home of several weddings every year, Amelia Island Beach Weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

Amelia Island is easily accessible when driving to Florida. Especially, if you live in the most Eastern states like Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (just to name a few). The drive is fairly straight forward.

However, the drive is not what makes Amelia Island Beach Weddings so popular. It’s the beauty! It’s easy to let the views of the water and the the feel of the sand between your toes wash you away.

Truly, Amelia Island is a magical place for a beach wedding!

Amelia Island Beach Wedding Locations

We know the best locations for Amelia Island Beach Weddings. And trust us, you want a great location to propel the experience to the highest level of enjoyment.

Coming in at the top of our popularity list is Seaside Park. This is a great location for Amelia Island Beach weddings of almost any size. Anything from a small elopement to huge Beachfront wedding packages – this place is great!

Seaside Park - Amellia Island

Our second favorite Amelia Island Beach wedding location is Peters Point Beachfront Park. Plenty of parking, restrooms near by, and a few more options on wedding locations. However, locations are chosen on the day of the wedding on the basis of availability. We are prohibited from roping off areas or asking beach goers to relocate.

Peters Point Beachfront Park - Amelia Island Beach Weddings Locations

The final highlighted location is best for small elopement weddings. Mainly, because it has very limited parking. Although there are a few parking spots (5-7) we highly recommend larger Amelia Island Beach weddings be held at the other two highlighted locations (Seaside Park & Peters Point Beachfront Park).

Beach Access #39Beach Access #39

There are several other possible wedding locations on Amelia Island. Therefore, if you want a wedding to be held in a different location then just ask us. If we have the space for the setup, and you can arrange where guests will park, that’s all we really need.

Amelia Island Beach Wedding Permit Information

The great thing about Amelia Island weddings is there’s no permit requirement (see here). This is great because it saves you money! However, because there’s no Amelia Island Beach wedding permit needed for a ceremony it is “first come – first serve.” Thus, its important to arrive early enough prior to the wedding start time in order to secure the desirable location for the beach wedding.

Best Time of the Year For Amelia Island Beach Weddings

Is there ever a bad time for a beac wedding? Really – is there? Well, yes. In fact, the best time for an Amelia Island beach wedding is early to mid-morning or in the evening, one hour prior to sundown. Reason being, those timeframes tend to be the coolest times of the day. Therefore, it’s easier on the guests, as well as you and your fiancé.

Now, if you are having a wedding during the winter months (November to February), it may be a little cooler durning the suggested time frames. During those months its okay to have mid to late afternoon weddings.

Highlighted Amelia Island Beach Wedding Package

Book an amazing beach wedding package at Amelia Island and take advantage of the all inclusive wedding ceremonies we offer. Like the Simply Romantic Wedding Package, which includes:

  • 2-Post Bamboo Wedding Arch w/ Fabric of Your Choice
  • Decor (flowers, chair sashes, aisle way decorations, etc.)
  • Seating for 10 Guests
  • PA System for Processional and Recessional Song.
  • Day-of Wedding Coordination
  • Professional Wedding Officiant
  • 1 Hour Wedding Photography (guarantee minimum of 100 photos)
  • State of Florida Marriage License Service
  • Unlimited Email, Phone, Live Chat Support

We offer services for all size weddings, from large weddings to small Amelia Island elopement packages. See more about the wedding packages we offer here.

How Long Does An Amelia Island Beach Wedding Last?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most asked questions we have. The short answer is 15 minutes, but that’s the heart of the wedding (the ceremony). Here is an outline of the average beach wedding with an estimated start time of 5pm.

  • 4:15 – 4:45pm, guests arrive to the beach wedding location.
  • 4:30pm, Groom, Best Man and Groomsmen arrive on location.
  • 4:45pm, Bride, Maid or Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids arrive.
  • 5pm, ceremony processional begins.
  • 5:15pm ceremony closing remarks and processional.
  • 5:20 – 6pm, wedding photography

Literally, a beach wedding will last no longer than hour. Anything over that timeframe can be a bit much on the couple (especially the brides makeup)  as well as the guests.

Please note, this is a timeline we follow. However, if you decide to use your own pastor / wedding minister, then we have no idea how long they may perform the ceremony. We see it occasionally, a couple will use their own pastor (as an example), and the pastor will keep the ceremony going for 30 – 45 minutes. Our people do not do this. We keep it simple and as pleasant as possible.

Contact Us Today For Your Free Amelia Island Beach Wedding Consultation

If you’re wanting to book a wedding in Amelia Island, then contact us. We promise to put you first, just as the customer should be. When you contact us, we will listen to what you want, put together the options that best suit your desires, and finally, execute those plans perfectly!