Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Affordable Beach Weddings in Destin Florida

Who said having a beach wedding in Destin had to be expensive?

Not us!

In fact, we feel that your wedding ceremony should be the most affordable part of your destination wedding!

Guess this philosophy has driven us to continue pushing the plow forward in offering the most affordable beach weddings in Destin Florida.

No, we aren’t offering cheap Destin beach wedding packages (we don’t even like that word). Instead, we are offering affordability. Therefore, we are one of the most sought after companies when getting married in Destin, FL. 

Your beach wedding in Destin will cost you only a fraction of the national average cost for a wedding.

Need an idea of what that cost may be?

Let’s say you and your fiancé plan to elope to Destin, therefore it will just be the two of you getting married on the beach. Then your cost could be less than 1k!

However, lets say you want 20 family members and friends to tag along… Well, your cost is less that 2k. 

See how this works?

You pay us a small investment to have a beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach in Destin.

We Even Help With the Destin Beach Wedding Permit

Contrary to what other Destin beach wedding companies advertise, there are no wedding permits required for small weddings in Destin that are held on the beach.

However, when that need does arise, and a beach wedding permit must be obtained, we are here to help! Since we know the appropriate filing processes we will do the paperwork for you!

Book With Us Today

Why wait any longer? 

Contact us today and let’s get started planning your Destin beach wedding. We will make the process really easy and very simple. Exactly how a wedding on the beach in Florida should be!

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