About Us

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Florida Beach Elopement Packages

Vision Statement:

Creating life memories for every couple tying the knot on the beaches of Florida.

Mission Statement:

To eagerly seek out and discover ways to make weddings on the beach more affordable, fun, exciting and stress free, then executing the plans to cultivate this experience and provide exceptional service that will lead to a memorable life experience for every couple.

Core Values:

Clear Communication:

We value open, honest and clear communication and believe that every customer needs to be heard, and every customer should be able to openly discuss what they expect, feel or desire, in an environment free of judgment or hostility.

5-Star Service:

We value 5-Star service and have set our target for the mark of excellence in service that will produce such results.

We believe all customers are entitled to the same level of 5-Star service, regardless of the amount spent, or the wedding package purchased. First and foremost, we are a customer service company.

Relationships with Customers:

We believe weddings are major life events, and in order to fulfill the hope, dreams and aspirations of that day, relationships are a must. Therefore, we value the the building of relationships with every customer.

Fulfillment of Promises:

We strive to stand behind our word as a company, not only for the purpose of being in business for years to come, but because that is who we are as people. Therefore, we value, and eagerly search for ways to execute and fulfill the promises we make.